WARNING - Spam from member ast247 - dodgy link!

Just to warn other members here, don't trust the link posted on multiple threads by the fake member ast247 who joined tonight. It shows just how dodgy their crappy little supposed sex toy business is that they have to stoop to spamming a reputable review board owned by the market leader.

Their sextoy247 web site is ILLEGAL! Just try and find a postal address or a telephone number to contact when your money goes walkies! It's now a legal requirement to clearly list a physical address and these bozos don't! It's because their "company" is entirely virtual, unlike the genuine suppliers who carry a physical stock.

Don't go anywhere near sextoys247 unless you want to be scammed is my advice.

I have no connection with Lovehoney by the way - I just HATE lowlife spammers that's all.

ps - there isn't even an email address on his site!

However, if you get scammed and want to complain to the spammer in person I've traced him for you through the magic of the dark side of the force. *evil laughter*

Peter Howell
21 Hindley Street

If he spams us again I'll post his telephone number for the entire web to see.