Warning to owners of a penis

Men need to STOP using metal penis rings, doctors beg: Steel erection-boosting gadgets — which can cost as little as £3 — are too risky and may leave men needing their member amputated.

This is from an article in the Daily Mail today, which mentions LH in the article.

I guess that with all things, it is individual choice and care must be exercised. Personally I own a number of rubber cock rings and have never had a problem. Also had the novelty candy one in case the OH felt peckish. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It does make you think and wince. :thinking::sob:


I must admit i have always had that fear of metal cock rings and have only ever bought rubber/latex ones. I have a few nurses in the family and have heard some horror stories!


The metal ones can be scary, they are effective for me but are too much for my partner who freaked out over the effect for the reasons described above. Lube is always your friend. And less sexily, an alarm so as to not get carried away and lose track of time.

It’s bad enough getting a ring on your finger stuck!

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Consequences that could last a lifetime that!!!

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Need to add Fairy to the toy box :rofl:

What a load of boll**ks.
Nothing wrong with a steel ring if it is the right size.
It is not like the Daily Mail is a fountain of knowledge and truth. I don’t see a link to the ‘article’ and certainly won’t go searching.

I’ve just got a metal cock ring set and I’ve found it amazing. I’ve got quite a collection of other rings and the metal one I use provides me with the hardest and most sustainable erection. I suffer from performance anxiety and it really helps keep my erection when I have a brain fart that normally would mean my erection would subside.

I’ve carefully tested which size I needed and while it works tremendously at producing a truly impressive erection I can still remove it easily post-ejaculation - and also while still erect. Yes it’s harder to remove when fully erect but not impossible - and I don’t feel like I’m going to tear off my penis.

I guess, like anything in life is make sure you size your ring up properly - and don’t start with the smallest ring. Out of the set of 5 rings I’m on number 3, and seeing how snug that becomes I wouldn’t consider using size 1 or 2.

Basically follow the instructions and be sensible would be my advice!


I note the Daily Mail couldn’t even spell ‘and’ correctly.
Didn’t see if it was just on the shaft or behind the balls and if Viagra was used as part of the process.
Just get one the right size and everything will be fine.
Having got to the 1st spelling mistake in the 2nd sentence of the article I only scanned the rest but if the ring is an appropriate diameter for the person then …
Also (as another member uses) there are rings that have screws attached so are easy to remove.

I aren’t endorsing the article, just putting it out there as a topic of conversation.

Yikes!! I thought there had been an update to metal cock rings that now they have to come with a safety hinge type thing so they can open if it becomes too tightly on :thinking:

When i post re these i always advise buying the two part type(not sold here) that have a screw to hold together no risk whatsoever of getting stuck these can be bought for less than a tenner

I must admit the thought of a metal cock ring appeals to me, but the thought of it getting stuck has always put me off, I know from this forum that getting the right size is important, but for now I’m happy with my rubber ones


Daily Mail :see_no_evil:

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Being in the daily mail puts me off from actually reading it and believing there any truth in it, like most articles they publish actually have very little facts in.

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I have used them for years and never had a problem. I even sleep with my metal ring sometimes. If it is the right size can’t be a problem.

I’ve fixed that for you. :+1:

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I was looking at buying a metal cock ring and was tempted to order one a couple weeks back. I have a couple of dozen of rubber and silicone rings and love them.

With metal ones Iv always had that feeling of what if. Too much of a risk so I’m putting them out of my mind and sticking with what I have.

I wear a heavy metal ring 24/7. Have done for years. Mines 50mm diameter 13mm thick and weighs a lot. I tried several to find the right size and now it’s a permanent fixture on me ( except through airports and security gates)

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