Washing sex

Just a random thought, has anyone had sex sitting/leaning on a washing machine while it’s on and vibrating?

I thought this was a 1950s thing - women getting off on the washing machine because their husbands didn't have a clue!

I love my vibe toys. I'm not sure how I would manoever a washing machine into place, as it wouldn't naturally hit the spot, but each to their own!

If you mean with a partner, I'd give it a go if the setting was right. Our garage isn't that setting :-)

I might, however, consider the kitchen table ;-)

I thought everyone did this. The best thing is to stick a suction cup dildo to it when it is going and then get on for the ride. Orgasms and getting the washing done at the same time can't be bad!

I have done it with a bloke too, but as MsR said it doesn't quite hit the spot - the dildo option does that!

You've made me think now though. Suction cup dildo on it and inside me, bent forward over it whilst he's giving me anal. That sounds doable and would hit the spot. Might try that.

I've got a washing machine which slots in under a kitchen work surface. Would be real mood-killer to pull the damn thing in and out each time (no pun intended!). ![](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif)

I've leaned against it when it's spinning and the thought crossed my mind that I could see why women would do it before vibrators became widely available.