Hello lovely people, I've missed you!

You find me another year older, but no wiser. Friends all around me getting married or popping out babies - I'm quite happy doing neither for now. Only ever been with one man - but still going strong 12 years later! Love writing reviews, as you might have guessed.

Very happy to see some curves I recognize and some fabulous new ones too!

Squishy booby hugs all round!



M&S! We've missed you lots!

*Massive, squishy booby hugs* welcome back lovely lady, it's wonderful to see you back


Hello welcome back.

and more booby hugs please

Hello and welcome back xx

Heya! Welcome back :D (I realise that I'm new and you have no idea who I am, but because I'm stalkerishly inclined and read back through the forums [and why not? It's the best online sex resource ever.] I get into the habit of wishing people that used to post still did, because they seem fab..)

OMG she's back! :) Hello lovely! You have been missed around here MandS! I hope you and the fella are okay mate. Welcome back! SG x

Hiya :-)

Welcome back! x

welcome back to real world no more school holidays YIPEEEEEEEEEEE

Good to see you again x

welcome back m&s its good to see you back!