Wax yay

So finally got to go and have Hollywood wax today yay. I’ve been shaving throughout lockdown but yay finally. It did hurt more than usual, but more of a normality!!

that's great news sadly can't get mine done yet like an over grown bush

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Oh my god I've got my Hollywood booked on the 6th August! CAN'T ACTUALLY WAIT. Hahaha.

I’m glad you have been able to finally get it done, we all need different things that make us happy and more comfortable. I hope you ding it less irritating and enjoy feeling good

That's always a good thing! I use to get waxed pre hormones now I shave like once a month and Im good.

Me and my hubby both get waxed and managed to get done a couple of weeks ago. I think he was more desperate then me as he really doesn’t like having pubes down there!

Had a full body wax once wife wanted me to doit so I was smooth all over especially the bag etc. Yes it was sore at times did not realise how long it took. The lady was a wonderful older woman who just chatted away.

I got home and the Oh could not wait to get her hands on me. She ended up smearing my privates in melted chocolate and ended with a chocolate covered BJ and me exploding in her mouth wow

Had my Hollywood done 3 weeks ago. Definitely slightly more painful than normal but oh so worth It I have shaving. And had a nasty mishap with hair removal cream once,