Waxing styles and shapes, etc.

I am looking at getting my first salon bikini wax. I think I've gotten over the initial embarrassment now, and have found a highly recommended lady who does home visits. So, I'm onto deciding what I want. I know it can bloody hurt, so I'm thinking of just going for a bit of a tidy up at first.

I'm just looking at another highly recommended salon near me, and the options are endless! So, can you help me? What is a Playboy wax? and are Brazillian a Hollywood the same thing? The both sites I'm looking at have different things written and now I'm confused!

Also, any tips to try and reduce the pain?

hiya - I've done a lot of marketing work for beauty salons and the waxing terms are as follows:

American wax: a general tidy up
Playboy /French waxing: leaves a vertical 'landing' strip
Brazilian/hollywood: is like the Mojave desert, barren and hairless

;) hope this helps xxx

when i use hair removal crean (not recomended on the tube) i like to leave a heart shape of hair...or go brazilian if im being lazy/ dairing. a tidy up does me fine though if i dont have too mutch time

I'm still working up the courage to get a professional wax done but I've done a tidy up myself at home. I always press down the area straight afterwards with a cold, damp cloth to sooth the burn and don't wear tight knickers afterwards, definitely go for something soft and comfy. I don't know how accure this is, so don't quote me on it, but I've heard that you can be more sensitive to pain when you're pre-menstral and also during so try going mid way through your last and next period. I find this to be true for me.

Shape and style is definitely a preference thing but I think you'd be wise to go for a tidy up first off then see how you feel afterwards.

All the places I've ever heard of use the term Brazillian to mean landing strip left and Hollywood to mean everything (even bum hair!) off. But I think you're best of asking the particular person you'll be using as I've found people do use the terms interchangeably!