We moan and do nothing

Time after time we hear of people complaining about high fuel prices, increasing energy bills, politicians milking the system and numerous other issues that in no way help our lives.
I'm a person that will get involved and email, write my letter, go to council meetings etc and see it as part of a duty to give a voice to try and do something that benefits us all. I have many friends that also raise concerns but never follow through with anything. When asked the response is usually 'nothing will get done' or 'everyone else will sort it'.
It's not complaining for complaining sake it's actually issues that should concern us all. Why do we just happily go along with it but complain in the background. Time people grew a backbone and realise many voices make much more noise. So next time you feel aggrieved write that letter or even pick up the phone. Don't leave it to someone else.

That's not 100% sure. See we assume to much. You may be the one person that tips the scale.
The French are the best at this.
Remember what happened the last time we got hacked off with petrol prices. Country came to almost a standstill because people got together. Next thing prices come down. Since then they have gone right back up and nothing.

Try talking to the manager at the Jobcenture cat lady that might help, i feel for you has I know what people at the Jobcenture and work programs can be like.

My adviser at A4E was refusing to put me on an English course but I went over her head and spoke to the manager today and his put me on a course for Monday =) x

Seems as a nation of people we have been battered into submission. It's always left for somebody else to take the rains. We claim not to have the time and then there's the 'don't get involved'.
Seems most are happy to know their place.
If it wasn't for people like me I dread to think what state we would be in.
If not for yourselves think about your children. It's you that will be leaving the mess in their hands.

Thanks Ork.
Even down to the everyday things in life. Example. Our overflowing bins weren't emptied and were there for a week. 2 neighbours were moaning to each other about it. I asked if they had informed the council. 'No'. Then instead of moaning to each other phone the council and get it sorted. Neither phoned. Next day and a 2 minute phone call bins were emptied 3 hrs later.
Don't just leave it thinking others will sort it.

True. If it's not right become a voice. Don't think by voting that you have done your bit. Spare that time to help those that feel they are banging their heads against a wall. 'We' are supposed to have the power that 'I' never will.

I've never worked due to having to look after my mum when I was younger and I get jsa but I don't have any savings. X

I often wonder this considering we are country where many people before have protested or even died to make a change.

You could go back far as the Magna Carta being brought in. Something the Americans then as an inspiration for the constitution of rights.

But yes there is too much of a well nothing will change.

Withdraw all ur savings and put it under your bed. Say you lost it all paying off ahem debts etc.
it's true the rich and gentry do control this country with threats of moving their business/money overseas. But that will continue until voices get bigger. The working class are the ones that are kept in the system because we are the ones that pay into it. But don't accept you 'position' in society. Your voice should be part of the masses. Use ur vote wisely and don't roll over to get your belly stroked.

Just watched this. Very interesting. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=52b_1329796059

I agree with this for the small things. Reporting things to the council or whoever it might be is definitely something we should all do.

The problem I have is with the very big thing - the government. We have a system where over two thirds of voters voted against the effective ruling party. On current polls, if there was an election tomorrow, Labour would get in with a majority of 86, but 61% of the population would have voted against them. This is a completely broken system and we end up disenfranchized, with no trust in politicians of any party. They offered us a referendum so we could choose between this and an equally poor system I don't understand why we can't have proportional representation which serves the majority of the world very well.

By coincidence, while writing this, I got phoned up by Populus to do a phone poll on my feelings about things and voting intentions. Doubt this will make any difference, but I've never been polled before.

What I should have done is watched Stuburns video first, which puts the point very well.

I'm not one for milking the system and think it is far too open for abuse but I remember the one time I was out of work for 3 months. I received no direction on everything that was available to claim. I felt abused by the very system my money has supported for 25 years. What smacked in the face more was how easy it was for others that have given nothing get direction on how to get everything. This is one of the systems that need radical improvement and one that I also voice my opinion on.

You always feel like you don't make a difference but making yourself a pain gets more results than you know.

One small stone dropped in a lake can certainly make big ripples. I'm sure there is some saying similar.

I used to email my MP quite frequently asking questions about all manner of issues from local stuff to national issues. Initially he seemed quite good - even got a few things done about local issues - but as time went on he seemed to go more and more for trotting out the party line or passing the letters on to a minister who then trotted out the party line.

When I have more time I may well get back to emailing him again. I'm sure its a bigger lever in our democracy than we get from our individual votes but I reckon they only really take any notice if the number of emails on a topic suggest a significant ground-swell of opinion that might just affect re-election.

I think we should, as I think the Australians have, a "none of the above" option on the ballot paper. This at least stops an government from claiming a mandate to govern if they were beaten by the voters that wanted none of them. In this country we only have such votes counted as spoilt papers which somewhat masks the protest involved (a system I'm sure the politicians are in no hurry to rectify). However, I think there have been quite successful "vote none of the above" campaigns run in some UK University towns.

And I thought bitching and moaning whilst doing nothing was an irish trait. We have been absolutely hammered since the crash in '08. The government bailed out the banks and put the burden on the citizens shoulders. Then the EU/IMF rode in to town and imposed savage cuts in an attempt to balance the books. Soup kitchens are springing up all over the country people are on the breadline but very little has happened.

My brother in law is French and he's always saying that we (the irish) are the most timid compliant race of people but what good has rioting done the Greeks. Iceland held elections recently and the party that destroyed the country were voted back in. I agree with you stuburns but I think people are punch drunk after the last five years.

My father once told me if you want to change something, it is easier to do it from the inside so get involved, don't wait for someone else to do it.

A few years ago I got some freelance work which meant I was commuting by train and used a footpath between the estate I live on and the station. Over time the path had been eroded so that tree roots and holes made it very uneven and dangerous in the dark.

I mentioned it to my wife, she said the eveyone on the estate moans about the state of the path. Anyway I emailed my council and go a response within a few days thanking me for raising the issue. I then had an email from someone from our town council who had been tring to get something done, but couldn't simply because no one had complained about the state of the path, she thanked me for my email and I thought that would be that.

However, only a few weeks later the path way resurfaced!

So you can make a difference, sometimes it only takes one person to take action for something to happen, let that person be you!

The jokecentre is a huge farce. I've suffered from bipolar disorder since I was 8, slipped a disc in my spine at 16(work injury), then dislocated my kneecap at 20. Not a day goes by that I'm not in agony, I can't get the surgery to repair my knee/back on the NHS simply because I'm not a "full" UK citizen(Dual citizenship USA/UK from birth) even after living here since 2000, my wife is Cornish, my son is Cornish. My GP fought with the jobcentre for 3 years to get me off JSA onto disability, then the change in policy hit, medical review with ATOS(not a single doctor amongst that lot) who decided that me picking up a pencil from the floor meant I was fit for work. Even though this involved me having to lower myself to my knees, then crawl to a table to help pull myself to my feet.

Back to JSA I went, 4 appeals and all denied. Back in July I decided I want to open my own business, at least as the boss I can sit down to rest or move around as needed, not many employers would be happy with that. Of course even though I have been on several courses(arranged and funded through an amazing Prospects advisor) I still have to actively search for work, and if I'm offered a job take it. Even if it's part time/temp work. This has a huge draw back: even doing 1 hour of paid work a week disqualifies me; for 2 years, from 5 grants and loans the gov offers for self employment to people on benefits, without those I can't open my business.

So I am in the awkward position of having to do the jobsearch, apply for jobs that aren't suitable for my health. Sure I could find part time or temp work that I could keep up for a month or two.. but then what? Back on benefits.. or I could put more energy into getting my business up and running and potentially get off benefits for good! Of course the jokecentre wants the former!

*Rips hair out in frustration*

Gyrator, Australians have a none of the above button because after you vote once you must vote or face a fine. In England I don't believe that is the case, you can refuse to vote at any time?