We Vibe Chrous connection problems

Can anyone please help me connect the we vibe chorus to both the remote and my phone?

Ive read the instructions provided, downloaded the app and pressed the control button for 10 seconds till the toy pulses but it still won’t connect to the app (app is looking for a toy but doesn’t see it).

Strange thing is, the remote doesn’t work either. The toy doesn’t respond to any of the remote buttons. I’ve tried pairing the toy and the remote as per the instructions but nothing…

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Have you checked out the full instructions? They go into a bit more depth: Chorus PDF

Thanks Ian! Hubby just worked out there is a CR2032 battery in the remote, we had one in the house so we have just changed it and the remote is working now and controlling the toy!

Strange that the remote battery was dead straight out of the box though.

Ive left the we vibe charging for a bit and will attempt to connect to the app later this afternoon.

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All connected to the app now no problem.

I have come to the conclusion that the remote control is faulty though, when I changed the battery it worked and controlled the toy and I noticed there is a little light on the remote control that illuminates when the buttons are pressed. Which now, just half an hour after working, no longer lights and is now not controlling the toy, even when the app is not on. It can’t possible have drained a new battery (it was opened out of a packet) in such a short time frame.

At a loss!

Nice catch on the battery. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

The remote battery should last quite awhile, though it may depend on the quality and age of the replacement?

The Chorus has lots of different modes, and some change the behaviour from what you’re expecting. I included an overview in my review if that’s any help? It’s been awhile since we’ve used ours, so I’m not fluent in it at the minute, but I can dig it out this evening and reacquaint myself with it if you’re still having trouble?

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Thanks Ian. Not sure how long we’ve had the replacement but i opened it new out of the blister packet.

No idea whats going on with it and without the remote working it’s now disconnected from the app too :woman_shrugging:t2:

Haven’t even started use in the bedroom yet!

Think ill drop Brenna an email on Monday.

The app connects to the remote, not to the toy itself, so without the remote you’re pretty screwed. I think the toy still works without it though, you just lose all of the swish controls(/all the controls :slightly_smiling_face:).

Is there somewhere you can nip out to to get some more batteries?

Not really, I’m very rural so nearest supermarket is 25 miles, village 8 miles away has a post office but that shut now till Monday. No petrol at station either so will have to wait till next week.

Might give it a go “in position” without the remote. Its a review toy and its not fairing well so far!

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In our experience We Vibe toys won’t connect to the phone app and the remote at the same time. You can connect to one or the other but not both together. Every time you want to change you have to re-pair the device to the phone or remote and this unpairs the other device.
This has happened on all 3 of the WeVibe toys we’ve owned. This is why I won’t buy another WeVibe product.


Thanks Rockstar, that seems to be the case yes.

I think we would use the remote more than the phone and I cannot get the remote to reconnect, for love nor money so therefore can’t get the app to connect now either.

I think it must be a fault with the remote as I put in a new battery which lasted all of 30 minutes, now the remote lights up when I press it but very faintly and flickery and it won’t connect or control the toy.

It didn’t help the battery was dead out of the box as it took me a while to figure that out as its not obvious there is a light on the remote or a battery in it and nothing in the instructions.


Hopefully the womaniser will be a lot more user friendly :joy:

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I’d contact we-vibe customer services directly to ask for assistance on this as might be a fault with the toy

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Thanks, with it being a tester item I think I’ll contact LH first.

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Yeah that sounds like a good idea to try :slightly_smiling_face: