We-Vibe help

Hey guys, I just got my LoveHoney delivery today. Yaaaay. Anyway we bought the We-Vibe unite and had our first go at it. So far its ok but my issue is it won't stay in place. It just kinda pops out. Any tips please?

ahhh the age old problem of couple's vibes. You could try to hold it in place (yeah super sexy!), or try a different one with a different shape

Which version did you go for and what positions are you trying it in?

It's the Unite, Lady Ness. We haven't really had too much experimentation with positions yet. If im honest it never even occurred to me that positions could have different results!

Sounds super sexy Sub! 😊

Ah, I think that's the only one I haven't tried.

But with the others experimenting with positions has worked. have fond that condoms can be used to secure the device in place o a partner penis or cock rings if needed (although not an option if you're using them for birth control / sti prevention). I have also found that during different phases of my cycle that it can affect the position the toy rests in.

Thank you Lady Ness for your help. Going to be a wee while before we can try it again but will definitely try 😘