Wearing a condom to masturbate?

No i really don’t do anything sexual with someone im not committed to.

Seems a waste of a condom unless there out of date.:man_shrugging:t2:


My husband once asked me to roll one on him and stroke him until he came. This took a bit longer than usual so I think that this is one of the attractions of doing it. I’ve done it quite a few times since. :sunglasses:


My boyfriend still likes to wank with condom on, he still lives with parents so it saves on the mess and he likes the feel.


I like the look and feel too!

I have one left from years ago - we don’t use them any more.

Just changing the tone a bit, I often cum in a condom, then freeze it to play with when the wife and I get horny. I have a fetish to taste my cum, but struggle to do it straight after I’ve climaxed - the condom is a great way to sore it!

I do like the smell of them, especially the after use aroma! It reminds me of the special times I had with my ex, I find smells can recall hidden memories.

Never used one for masturbation, will have to do some research into this subject!

I have before, but it’s never been my favorite. We’ve still got a couple dozen hanging around since before my vasectomy. We’ve kept them thinking that maybe they’d be useful for covering toys for anal use, or maybe in roleplaying sex with a stranger scenarios.

Yeah I use to use em does make it easier to clean up afterwards same as socks though need lube if use socks I found else I use to get a irradiation