Web Cams

So with all the modern(ish) technology it seems that phone sex is a little outdated and been replaced by web cam sex! Who here has used/still uses web cams to get a kick? do you cam with people you know or random strangers? what sites do you use and whats your most memerable "Web Cam" moment?

I've never had web cam sex but it is something I really want to try soon.Although it will be with someone I know very well. I would never webcam with a stranger.

Just a friendly reminder DWH196 please be aware of the forum rules. This ain't a pick up joint;)

Same as Delilah. Only with my oh.

Apologies! Didnt want to offend was just having a laugh!! Sorry

None taken. Guessed as much with the lol. Just a heads up

anyone else want to comment?

DWH. Anybody with lovehoney in front of their name is an actual employee of the company and a site moderator. Again you will get to know these things the longer you stick around.