Weekend away is about to begin πŸ˜‰

Evening all. Not been on the forums for a while but im back again now. My other half and I are about to induldge in a weekend break away in pure luxury, woodland location, hot tub, log cabin the works. We don't live together and we never get this sort of time together. I absolutely want to make the most of it in every sense. Anyone else had a luxury weekend away and was it all about the sex and enjoying each other? Looking for suggestions that will satisfy me and my partner!

Break out the candles & oils and get slippery. We got this book to learn a few new tricks: https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=23779

Had a wonderfully intimate night, amazing orgasms with the added bonus of the best nights sleep for ages, felt like a new man afterwards :D

Hubby and I have quite a few weekends away, nice stone cottages, hot tub,bottle of fizz etc. Sadly it’s all about cuddles now as he can’t perform. (He has a terminal heart condition). But we love our weekend away together.

my advice don’t plan too much, let it be spontaneous. It’s easy to be thinking about what you want to happen and do and not actually enjoy the moment. Plastic glasses for fizz in the hot tub, and a citronella candle for on the deck in the evening should keep the bugs away..

Maybe some tie for the headboard or blindfold as part of your fun?


Thanks fun louise. Im getting very excited now as I am leaving shortly to meet my lovely man for what I hope will be an amazing weekend away. Outfits packed as are toys. It's like going on a date πŸ™‚ had a "play" earlier too as a treat to myself