weekend away pack

What would be in your weekend away pack?

Maximum five things.

I'll start;
Remote control love eggs.
Tracy Cox penis extender.
Ride them cowgirl strap on.
Cock and ball rings.

I'd sacrifice anything in my suitcase to get these under the weight limit. No shoes!!!! Hehehe.

If you see me walking around on holiday barefoot, you know I'm well tooled up for pleasure.

Nice idea! We will take...

Tracey Cox Bullet vibe
Tracey Cox 10 function wand
Wrist restraints
LH slimline buttplug

All fairly compact so wouldn't take up much room, which would leave lots of space for fun things to wear!

Here's mine, based on actual weekends away...
Bottle of Squash
Pint glass from which to drink squash
My ear phones
Phone charger
Spare socks.

The "after hours" contents of our last weekend away fitted nicely in here.


I know it's a bit more than 5 but if we had to slim it down we'd probably go for:
Cock ring w/bullet
Butt plug / Prostate massager

Massage Oil
Glass Dildo

Oh I'm with Sub! Usual weekends away for me consist of:

...but in the spirit of LoveHoney let's say:
Power play g-spot vibrator
Amethyst glass plug
Doc Johnson adjustable cock ring
Sliquid blue raspberry swirl

Hmm, need to book a weekend away!!

Seduce Me chemise and stockings
LH get hard cock rings
LuxGem metal butt plug
FSD steel wand
Desire bullet

My gf gets a bit "really" at what I take away as a surprise. But strangely enough, whatever it is always seems to get used and abused. And the term "that was a great weekend" usually follows. Couldn't imagine not taking toys away anymore. Makes it even more exciting to look forward to. Hehehe

When we are awaay for the weekend my wife and I are naked as much of the time as we can be but I always make sure I pack some lacy panties as she loves me to wear those. All she usually takes is a pair of black courts as she looks so great in those but we would always pack a few things for the toy box:


Massage oil

A crotchless catsuit

A Fifty Shades of Grey vibe

A basic bondage set

Some anal beads

As you can imagine we don't venture out much.

Checked-in baggage or hand carry?

Hand carry musts:

Maximus Lube

butt plug(s)

Cock ring

Nothing with batteries or metal to avoid unwanted questions going through security!

Checked-in bagged; anything as long as we're under Ryanairs weight limits!



Keys to villa


And complete full box of all toys lubes chains whips straps wet wipes and plenty of spare batteries

A lingerie set
Massage oil

Coco De Mer adjustable cock ring

LH lifelike suction 6" dildo

Icicles No48 Glass butt plug

Maximus anal lube

Bad kitty butterfly nipple clamps