Weekend Away

Hey guys ^___^

My girlfriend and I are going away for a wedding on Friday, two nights in a luxury castle, it should be brill!!

To add some spice to the weekend I've ordered a selection of goodies to take with us and to give her a cheeky surprise!!

I've ended up buying;

Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildo Set 1 Tease by Lovehoney Luxury Bondage Kit (7 Piece) Red 1 Lovehoney Deluxe Black Magic Wand Vibrator Black 1 Screaming O Ofinity Stretchy Double Cock Ring Blue 1 Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations USB Rechargeable Remote Control Egg Black 1 Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage Compact Male Masturbator Clear 1 Lovehoney BASICS Suction Cup Dildo 6 Inch Purple 1 And the FREE Silky Caress Lubricant!!

I'va also popped her £100 in an envelope with a cheeky message so she can buy something sexy to wear (she prefers to buy off the high street for underwear instead of LH :()

Anyway, my question was does anyone have experience with the items listed above and do you think they are a worthwhile purchase?? Have I made a mistake with any of the items and should I swap/return them for something else??

I've got the Tracey Cox glass dildo set and it's one of the best purchases I've made from here and I've had them less than a week. I also have the BASICS suction cup dildo and although the suction cup isn't the strongest out there, it's a great dildo in terms of texture and girth. I have the blindfold and silky handcuffs from the Tease range and they're both excellent quality so I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with bondage kit. I think you have picked some excellent items here and sounds like you will be having a fun weekend.

Enjoy yourselves and let us know how it goes!

Not used any of the listed, but damn it sounds like you will have a good weekend

enjoy :)

Yeah I also have that dildo, it's our favourite toy! Damnit, I want your weekend away, sounds awesome :)

I got the FSOG remote control egg. That is a great choice so when your at the reception you can be controlling her pleasure and she won't know when ur going to be turning it on.

As Lovinthetoys post really . I presume you already practice restraining your partner or at the vey least talked about it . Restraining isn't for every one and just wanted to make sure this point isn't going to spoil your night.

I think you 2 must be very energetic becasue we have had a similar thread to this one recently of which some of us felt too knackered on the wedding night to do anything but cuddle. Unless of course I am reading this wrong and its not yourselvers getting married but some friends or relatives and you are just some of the invited guests that are staying over ?

Anyway enjoy yourselves !

Woah! Youve really gone to town with the purchases! Well done! You got an awesome night lined up then!

Ive used the double dildo set beofre and they are pretty cool toys to have in the colleciton.

As others have said, with the bondage stuff, as long as you are both ok with it then go for it and enjoy yourselves.

Though going by the last few wedings I have atended, the nights in the hotels have ended up with us both (my ex) feeling a bit sorry for outselves with the amount we drank and ate, with no thoughts of sex whatsoever!

Thogh once we did 'save' ourselves for sex, and ended up passing out... waking up sometime later still in positiona and both a bit confused!

Wow! What a list, you'll be at it all weekend with that little lot. Have fun x

Sounds like a great list, and as long as she's up for it too you'll both have loads of sexy fun!