Weird and wonderful Design a Sex Toy Competition entries

Somewhere along the line, we forgot to tell you that you can see some of the better and more unusual entries from the Design A Sex Toy competition in a special section of the LoveHoney Sex Toys blog:

There are a few I wouldn't let anywhere near my privates!

Those gave me a good laugh.
Some of them are quite...interesting!

that's... scary!
I think my favourite out of that warped bunch has to be the knuckle thruster lol - if only for the name

I liked the Secret Squirrel, mostly due to the sheer insanity of it, hehe.

That dragon tail is rather...different...

I totally would have bought the Knuckle Thruster. Oh, yes. :)

some of them are abit strange! quite god ideas though

Some interesting ideas, and some a bit scary!

These are awesome, I especially like the Dragon Tail, lol! I'd totally buy that!!!!

Great contest, some scary ideas there. Dragon tail intro is funny and the secret squirrel is a work of art... :)
The carrying case with the squirrel wipes and squirrel lube!
He could come with a couple of vibrating nuts.

I've got some ideas, what type are we going for first? How about some kind of a dildo that straps between a womans thighs and gets pushed in when she closes her legs and pulled out when she opens them. We really need to be able to post little diagrams don't we?

That sounds a good toy actually.

Thats actually not too difficult to concieve. Stockings with a bungee cord round each garter attached to the dildo in the middle. Then further elastic going up into a shoulder harness. When the shoulder harness is tightened up the dildo will rise until situated as deep as she chooses. The openind her legs the elastic around the garters will have increased potential energy overcoming the elastic potential of the shoulder harness causing it to move out.

See this is why scientists should never be allowed to design sex toys....

Im going to have to go to work on our thigh cuffs and straps. Maybe using teh pad bit from a strapon harness to hold the dildo. We'll get there or at least have fun trying.

Apologies for the drasticly bad paint work I cant use photoshop or anything like that so here you have the basic mechanism of k&Js harness dildo strap-in (kinda like the term strap-in as a pun on strap-on)

Thats sounds complicated. Good thigh work out though...

Could the rabbit thruster just be adapted? Get a vibe that stick to the floor at a 90 degree angle (so its stuck down, but all you have to do is position yourself laying down as opposed to squatted behind it), and instead of just the tip thrusting, it thrusts from the base of the shaft therefore pounds in and out of you, deepness dependant on how much you put in before turning it on.

squatted above I meant duh lol

You could get away without all those straps though (two for the thighs to keep it in place maybe an idea). Instead you'd have to have two leaf like springs back to back like this --> () with the dildo at the top knees either side, when you squeeze they'd flatten out and hey presto, thrusts ahoy! The more, erm, /travel/ you wanted the bigger those springs would have to be and the further out your knees would have to start.... It'd be one hell of a work out as well.

this is why engineers should never be allowed team up with scientists to design sex toys.

Yeah you could market them as a multi toner with a twist...

Yep, I was thinking along the lines of some kind of a spring, to give the movement you get when you push and pull an old wire coathanger only stronger. I suppose it would only need to be a length of something flat and flexible though, fasten one end to the thigh cuffs and fasten the dildo to the middle. Got it! *goes off down the shed for a rumage in the pile of stuff which will definitely be of use one day.*