What a weekend !!!

got home from football on Saturday afternoon, both the kids were at the grandparents.
Went indoors and no one was downstairs, but I heard some noice from our bedroom.
As I was walking upstairs I heard a slight moan and thought I was going to catch my missus playing with herself.
Anyway, as I walked into the bedroom, I saw this georgeous black lady - she was wearing this amazing white lingerie - thong and suspenders, the whole lot and she was sucking my wifes cunt. The wife saw me walk in the room and said " Like what you see ? " I couldnt even talk. It turns out she had found a number in the local paper for an escort/massage parlour that catered for both sexes and thought she'd give it a go.
Anyway, I then spent the next hour watching my wife get fucked senseless by this amazing lady. My wife did nothing to her, although I think she would have if I wasnt there. I thought I was going to blow my load when she had her arse hole licked whilst on all fours, and indeed I did shoot everywhere when she got fucked from behind with a strap-on. It was amazing and my wife came so severely I thought she was going to pass out.
And then she paid the women and that was it. We had a session and she hasnt mentioned it since Saturday.