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I was having a lovely soak in the bath. Now I am soaking in a lukewarm bath and the bubbles have long gone.

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Watching peppa pig.

BL140505 wrote:

Watching peppa pig.

Oh I remember those days. Remember sitting for ages after kids gone to bed still watching it as didn't have energy to turn tv over lol
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Still reeling from England's win over New Zealand!

Being wide awake again.

On here naked with clothes pegs on my nipples

Laying in bed with a bad back ๐Ÿ˜”

Getting ready to watch Wales v Spring Bok on ITV.

Had croissant and chocolate in bed just because and now cuddle time with my cat, only thing that could make it better would be if I also had a different kind of kitty to play with!

Just put casserole in oven for lunch.

Wishing I was lying naked on a hot sunny beach with some hot stud applying the sun cream ๐Ÿ˜

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Going through Off-Topic Chat & Games on this Lovehoney Forum

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I've just had a 7 hour drive from Wales to Chester le Street and I'm now going through the trauma of setting up a new laptop.

Resetting the boiler and hoping it works as I cant afford to get someone out to look at it!

Preparing to sink into my work chair and start the day. Drinking a brew to gear myself up.

Reading a press release about Unlock's Fair Chance for Students with Convictions pledge launch and listening to Headspace while drinking tea laying on the sofa! Annual leave starts today for me.

Browsing on here and flicking between chanels 672 to 680 on the t.v.

Laying in bed browsing LH as I can't sleep :-/

Listening to music while applying for jobs.

Browsing fabguys and looking on here