What are you currently doing?

Just got back from 80s aerobics :hot_face: ohhh my butt lol.

@steve19 @KinkyMira @Knight1119 night out was good. Let my hair down :tropical_drink:The work story is basically, we’ve been sold to a bigger company. We were a independent company and now we’re kinda a branch under a bigger one. I’m glad I’ve still got a job, but it was a bit of a shock. I’ve worked for a bigger company in our area and I know the pros and cons, so it had me a little worried. I guess time will tell. If I don’t like the changes I’ll go, but not throwing in the towel quite yet, I’ll give it a chance.


Best wishes @ChloJakes :hugs::hugs:

My husband is 1 and 1 in that regard. 1 takeover was a good thing, 1 was a bad thing. I wish you all the luck in the world. xx

We are back at our favourite nudist beach .
Soaking up the sun , surounded by beautiful naked bodies…doesnt get any better… costa del Sol, sea and enjoying it naked with my wife.
Pity cant post photos.


Which area on the Costa @Iwill ?

El Faro, near fuengirola

That is one hell of a fine view. I just love the sea but being in the centre of the country does mean its at least 2 -3 hours drive. I am very jealous of the view @HornyHousewife69

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We are an hour east from there @Iwill

Still hot here for the next 10 days at least. Enjoy :sunny: :parasol_on_ground:

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@Latino_Caliente . The weather right now is perfect. I guess you are in the Nerja area más o menos…if you enjoy naturism , give the nudist beach near the Faro a try. Great chiringuito, lovely atmosphere.

Watching the new series of dr pimple popper

You are correct @Iwill
There is a nudist beach much closer in Maro :wink:

Mrs LC and I love that @Dirty-Wife but we’re on the terrace again… :wine_glass:

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@Latino_Caliente . We have been to Playa de Cantarrijan. I think that is fairly close to you… really secluded, lovely nudist atmosphere. ( relaxed and inclusive to all.)

Yes @Iwill that beach is 15 mins drive from us. Our friends have been there, but Mrs LC would never show her “bits” off, so sadly, I doubt if I’ll get to visit :pensive:

My wife was the same, but with gentle encouragement she eventually took the plunge… now she is very relaxed and happily lies naked,walks on beach and swims. We go to the bar and she just wears a sheer dress.
It took time , but now she loves it.
She realised how inclusive and non judgemental a nudist beach is. All ages, all shapes, both heterosexual and gay.


Thanks for the encouragement @Iwill
That gives me something to think on. I would go (on my own if allowed) but wouldn’t want to be seen as a voyeur, which I’m sure single men would be seen as that sometimes?
Perhaps next year :thinking:

Its voyeur behaviour that would make you be seen as a voyeur. You can just go and enjoy the freedom yourself.

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@Latino_Caliente . Yes there is the odd person like that, but men and women on their own is not unusual. As @JoCat says, just enjoy the freedom. Company is always nice.
Ive spoken to many people , just passing the time of day. Generally speaking , as the song says.
:musical_note:You’e gonna meet some gentle people there​:musical_note:

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Waxing my truck having mimosa and listening to 80’s rock :smile:

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I’ve been packing our bag for the weekend :grin:
The only thing is, I’m gonna have to tell him what we’re doing for his birthday, cos he’s the one who’s driving us there :joy: