What are you currently doing?

Been out early for a training walk for the charity one we’ve signed up for. Tackled 7.5miles today :grin: definitely feeling it, now relaxing on the sofa and I sense an early night on the cards :sleeping:


I went for a long bike ride today so my legs feel like jelly at the moment. It was good fun though as was super muddy and wet but yeah feeling it now.


Mentally planning out the day tomorrow and the fun I have ahead. I am so excited!


Trying to keep my eyes open!!!

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awake far too early but it is Friday :sunglasses: here’s to the upcoming weekend :beer:

Finally relaxing after a stressful day. Car battery flat and had to cancel all work to find a mechanic… Hopefully sorted and back to the grind tomorrow!

Finished work, came to bed for a bit. Having a browse on here.

@For_Your_Eyes_Only_x I’m glad to see that satin bra worked for you, I was so disappointed in it :pensive: I was having a nosy at other reviews. I unfortunately had to send it back (as well as the basque) to Brenna with pictures comparing it with the fit on my own bra (38E) because I found the cup sizes so unsuitable for my shape.

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Ah no @ChloJakes, that’s such a shame because it really is beautiful. I had a look at other reviews too and there does seem to be some concerns over the size of the cups/gaps. I had gaps towards the top but nothing too troublesome or noticeable. I have the basque but haven’t yet tried it on, so we’ll see.

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Just chilling on the sofa wearing a thong scrolling here

Mr W is still away, so I am on the wine again… soon be time for the porn sites again…


@Wurger what do you like to watch

@Gingeguy … when Mr W is away, like now, I like any cuckold and MMF, these being my fantasies… usually these are precursors to me reaching for the wand…


In the middle of ordering an Indians

Watching an episode of Man O Man on YouTube from the mid 90s with Chris Tarrant.

It’s so bad :rofl:

I remembered it a while back and had to google it because I thought I must have been imagining it, but thankfully I wasn’t.

Saw someone had mentioned it in a nostalgia group on Facebook so had to go find it to watch :rofl::woman_shrugging:t2:

Hope it triggers a few memories and giggles for others!

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Oh wow that’s a blast from the past! I can imagine how cringy it is now, probably was back then too. I was talking about God’s Gift the other day, that’s another cringy one, but I remember loving that for how bad it was lol

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Trying (in vain) to keep dry…


Been out in the garden for the last few hours getting in some sort of state for summer. Had to move a load of slabs around so now recovering! Happy Monday everyone x


On motorsport manager

Somehow I managed to drag myself out of bed and into the office. Not even 9am and I’m already knackered.
Happy Tuesday everyone x


Been reading on the forums , extra horny this morning , sitting here in my red lace stockings edited My goal is to cum hands free , so close yet so far .Running the power up and down seems to help . The top two power settings , OMG amazing . I have a feeling I may have to switch up to my combo cock , ball ring and perineum /buttplug vibrator . I am going to cum one way or another . Possible to maybe even ride my 9" dildo .

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