What are you going to dress up as?

Hey everyone!

With Halloween fast approaching I wanna hear what everyone is planning to dress up as (and maybe it will help spark some inspiration for myself)!

Whether you are dressing up for Halloween or just for fun, lets chat about cool costume and outfit ideas.

I'm debating the idea of being some sort of cyborg!

I am going to be an 8ft inflatable dinosaur. My son wants us to be daddy and son dinosaurs.

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we will decorate our summer house light the log burner i will dress up as dr frank n furter and the wife as magenta and we will watch the rocky horror picture show.

I'm dressing up and a pervy teacher and my oh is dressing up as a slutty school girl with no underwear

I thought it was supposed to be ghosts and witches etc?

A few years ago I dressed as Dr jekyll and Mr Hyde by sewing two half costumes together.

Velma from Scooby Doo. Just so happens to be one of my Husband's 'favourites'. I'll be going Trick or Treating, but only to my own house ;-) .

A roller-skating figgy pudding.

Unfortunately not up to anything exciting this year!

Bump.... there must be some more people that have made their minds up seen as the big day is tomorrow. Who dresses up their pet?

Nightmare nurse. Got the costume and make up. Gonna scare the crap outta someone.

I have a pumpkin suit that inflates, only trouble is I can’t fit through any doors and the toilet is difficult lol :)

Happy Halloween:)

I dressed as a skeleton. After the trick or treaters stopped knocking, my boyfriend and I went upstairs and "boned" 😁

Wondering if with lockdown and restrictions if Halloween will be happening?

Will the local children have to social distance queue at our doors or at the end of our drives?

I mean they’ll have a mask on more than likely…

But…Poor kiddies…no parties for them.

No dressing up and hitting the pubs for me either…:crazy_face:


I have ordered Hannibal Lector covid mask, does that count? :wink:

Yes it does @WillC

I get dressed up every halloween…

Always something unique though a sexy fancy dress outfit with a twist…
Won loads of competitions too

Not sure about this year yet though…


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@CurvyJilly well done you! I can imagine you really go for it! I just have a couple of latex full head masks, one an Orc type thing, the other Eddie from Iron Maiden, which i scare the shit out of trick or treaters with! :slightly_smiling_face:

I will dress up as a sluty which black stockings and a low cut top showing my boobs

I’m still going to dress up regardless if I leave the house or not. I love Halloween and transforming myself into someone (or something) new. I think I’m just going to experiment with whatever takes my fancy, but more than likely a clown or skeleton (maybe a mix of the two)? Gotta get my face paints ready :clown_face:

I was thinking about not just doing it as Halloween thing…more of a “yeah, I’m into this for the bedroom” because I always feel hella confident when I’m greasepainted :joy:

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