What are your turn ons?

So recently I've been interested in people's turn ons. So please enlighten me! Whether it be neck kisses or your neighbour

Lots ;

O/h being dominant with strap on etc

Being bitten (not hard)

Back rubs

Nails lightly graed over my back

Whispering in my ear (ears very sensitive)

Partner using hitachi wand on me

Massage n candles

His fingers inside me


Glas toys

What turns me on?

Matthew Hussey! And his accent, and his wit.. everything about him..

Dirty Talking- once you get in to my head then you automatically get a free pass in to my you know where..

Sexy eyes, eye contact..


When I feel his body heat..

Being spanked on my bum and calling me dirty names..

At the moment

Thigh high socks / stocking

Flashes of underwear... any females turn me on to the point have to find somewhere to relax

Giving a.t.m

Talking dirty

And skin to skin contact at the moment my skin extremely sensative

The thought of a shaved vaj

Seeing lingerie under clothes
Dirty talk, especially when she is begging for it
Eye contact
Her biting her bottom lip
Her moaning
She has a face she only does before giving me a BJ
A new lovehoney delivery
Betting on things with sexual favours as the currency

Direct eye contact

Dirty talking

Being spanked


Taking on a different persona as in roleplay

Hearing him enjoy it

Being restrained


Role Play

Tying up the OH and spanking /flogging her.

Dirty talk


Making her beg to let her orgasm.

New Lovehoney toy certainly needs to be added to the list lol








Peter capaldi doing anything he wants to with me, I wish. Being dominated by said person, him being tender sweet nothing's in ear, this list is endless spanked hard then fucked hard.A's you can see I love my fantasies.

High heels

Sexy lingerie

OH taking charge in the bedroom

Light bondage:

- lingerie

- cuffs

- gag

- flogger

- blindfold


Lots of things haha but my favourites are:
When a pussy is dripping.
Wet panties (Not from pee haha)
Trembling legs.

Love fishnets
Watching OH undress and play with herself
OH with a strap on

White trousers do it for me, or dressed all in white, even better. I have no idea why. A girl at work found this out and deliberately dresses in white when she comes in for a drink on her days off. She likes to tease and I like being teased so that's a turn on for me too. Being teased mentally 😁. X