What Did I Do to him?!

Hey all,

I've been a regular forumite for a few years now, gone quiet the last few months... But using an anonymous name for this one, to spare my man's blushes

We're wondering if anyone might be able to shed some light on a recent experience....

Basically, we brought my bullet vibe in to increase stimulation (for him!) during foreplay... I used it to stimulate his whole penis, balls and the general area. When I coupled this with a blowjob he felt a sudden urge to cum but what came out wasn't really usual cum.. it was tonnes and tonnes of thin but silky fluid way beyond any normal amount. Colour and texture totally different too. Errr, thanks for that mouthful!

We carried on and sometime later he did cum as usual. Twice in one session would be unusual for him without a rest period inbetween...

Does anyone know if this was likely to be prostate fluid?! I have heard you can stimulate it from the outside and that was the rough area I was stimulating... If not, any clues what it was?!

Love and kisses to anyone who can answer. I'm dying of curiosity!


Hello miss mouse.
What you describe certainly sounds similar to what I get when dabbling in a bit of the old prostate stimulation. Obviously everyone's different but I'd guess that's what it was. If you can get that from him from external stimulation imagine what might happen if you dig a little deeper....

It sounds as if it might well be precum, or prostate fluid, from what you describe. You say the fluid was clear; if it was largely odourless and (just on the basis of tasting my own) tasteless or very slightly sweet, it may be that.

If you were stimulating his scrotum and perineum in particular, especially with a bullet vibe, it may well have milked his prostate. I did get the Lovehoney Basics vibrating egg with this kind of stimulation in mind, so I'm intrigued by the effect this had on your fella.

I don't know if I remain to be corrected, but it does sound like prostate fluid to me.

Lucky guy! 😉

Yes as the other guys are saying sounds very much like precum or prostate fluid. Sorry for your mouth full but lucky hubby.

If he has never played with his prostate before and this was a first you could get a lot it is wonderful for him this would almost equate to his first wet dream.

We do full prostate massage internally but it is possible to stimulate it from outside. We've used our new deluxe wand pressed firmly against the perinum.