What did you get up to last night?

G has challenged me to post about what we did last night as part of a kinky dare. Went out for a nice meal.....he told me to give him my thong over the table. On drive home found a quiet spot where we pulled into. He fingered me and I gave him a bj. He got out of the car to passenger side and fucked me from behind over the seat. It’s our first adventure into car sex and I’m sure it won’t be our last. G likes me naked outdoors. Was absolutely awesome (even though it was cold!) Just wondering if others enjoy similar persuits?

Thats sounds very horny G-J2017

My night was much less adventurous... a nice slow fingering, Mr S teased me for ages - he is soooo good with his fingers!! Eventually I HAD to shuffle myself away from him, so my bum was over his legs, his penis rubbing against my pussy...and my top half across the bed so I could reach into the bedside drawer where my bullet was!...I knew he wouldn't be able to wait to get inside me in that position! And I HAD to come and he wasn't going to let me!

We used to like outdoor sex, the feeling of being naked outdoors is so liberating, isn't it? Nowadays it isn't so easy as I'm very physically disabled, but a BJ or fingering in the cardoes happen! We just bought one of the remote control toys - we're going shopping later so will be trying it out!

Night before last swmbo fisted me for the first time. Went pretty well.

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