What do you call it?

Favourite names for your girl or boy bits, what are they and why?

What are the most acceptable?

Why do we find it necessary to give our "bits" alternative names?

I find that the names differ depending on the circumstances... in regular conversation I would use 'ladyparts' or 'bits' and he insists on calling his penis his 'little man', which bugs me! (He is unnecessarily modest about his size)

But in bed it's cock and pussy all the way - I would think they'd be the most popular.

I have no idea why we give them names... I think it's because 'vagina' and 'penis' are a bit clinical. Like, you'd never say "I love how soft your epidermis is", or, "Your gluteal muscles are so hot". I think there's a bit of a thrill in the informality of talking about your most personal areas in a casual way... it's almost a taboo to talk about them at all, so I suppose using vulgar names is just an extension of that thrill of boundary-pushing.

I hate the term pussy, as I've mentioned on another thread. The only one I really like sex talk wise is cunt, which a lot of people seem to think is a step too far. But its the only one that sounds right to me- not too clinical, but not too childish (pussy and fanny have a kiddy ring in my mind for some reason).

Guys get loads, although I think cock is my favourite. Wang makes me giggle lol.

Wang is pretty hilarious. Cunt would get you a slap from most girls in Ireland, it's seriously taboo... even more so coming out of a girl's mouth. I don't mind it though, I bandy it about quite a lot, although more in refernce to people than to my ladyparts.

I feel embarrassed calling my man's bits anything other than cock, I can talk dirty with the best of em but its the names of the bits and pieces that make me feel silly.

hmm well when im with bf i call his member, cock, but when im demonstrating the toys at the parties i use willy, penis, and only sometimes cock.

as for lady bits, my preferred word is pussy, cunt is too harsh i find but don't mind it in stories, but when im at the parties, again its either vagina, bits, clit, down there, inside.....i just feel weird if i call them anything else in public!

In public I tend to stick to 'girl bits' and 'boy bits'

When I was a little boy, my mummy used to call my little dangly bit my 'tiggle'. And I honestly can't remember that she ever gave a name to the fascinating non-dangly-bit that my younger sister occasionally displayed in the bath!

This is an interesting topic for me given I write erotica, and am always conscious of writing the same words over and over to describe genitalia.

On a personal level it's usually pussy and cock. But when I'm writing I have to use alternatives, so dick, prick, vulva, slit etc come into play. I don't know why but I'm reluctant to use cunt unless I'm seriously running out of words - I do think it's a little harsh. But then I have used it in the heat of the moment in the bedroom... so I suppose I can't hate it that much! :)

One euphemism that makes me curl up and die of a terminal cringe is when people use the term "front bottom" Eeeurrrrgh!!!!!!!

I'd seriously NOT go out with anyone who said that, no matter how hot they might otherwise be.

True BBG, but I would still rather front bottom to axe wound or gash - that is far to raw for the female ears!

one guy I knew completly turned me off by describing how he wanted to put his cock in my "fuck slot" EEUUUUGGGHHHHHH! get away from me!

I personally favour cock or dick (though dick less so these days), for my bits I'm definately a cunt or pussy girl! I do a spot of writing myself and like creativewriter1985 I too am concious of the words we use to describe our body parts. Words give us power and using the "wrong" words can be a big turn off, hence why i try to sound out my partners on what vocabulary they prefer.

Good God, there are some seriously crass males around aren't there! I apologise on behalf of my species...

The mention of "fuck slot" reminded me - I once shared digs when I was a student - one of the guys referred to his girlfriend as his "screw piece" I decided on the spot he was a tosser and moved out pretty soon after that.

During sex it's pussy and cock ... any other time it's Mary and Peter!
(apologies to all those who may be called Mary and Pater)

My housemate just told me the most hilarious story which is kind of relevant here... he was in a nightclub in Limerick, and overheard a girlfriend telling her boyfriend that she wanted to go home because she was horny.

Her choice of vocabulary was less sexy, though - what she actually said was, "Take me home, me piss flaps are wet!"


haha - maybe it's not just us males that can be crass then!

*shudders too*

Were you in yorkshire by any chance shellyboo? She sounds just like a few off the chav round my home town!

Teeheehee, no, it was my housemate - he was in Limerick, in Ireland. I live in Dublin. But if it's any help, Limerick is the chav central of Ireland. We call it "Stab City."

scary stuff!

I'm with the pussy and cock consensus. Just what seems most natural to me to say (vagina is such a stupid word!)

cock and pussy but in bed out comes c**t etc