What do you do with your old fully working toys

Hey all,

It’s a classic topic but wanted some fresh views on the matter.

I recently upgraded my LH wired magic wand to the wireless one. I love them both and the wired one has done wonders but cables are always a faff, especially with rope play.

So now that I have upgraded, I don’t know what to do with the wired Wand.

Seems too wasteful to throw something away that works perfectly and not very eco friendly.

Feels weird to try and sell it (and probably fail to).

Equally a waste just to keep something that will never be used.

So, what do you guys do with your old working/good condition old toys?

Recycle at the local recycling centre


Local recycling centre, electrical items.

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I am ashamed to say some really expensive BDsm stuff went in the bin once my wife lost interest. I just didn’t want the local fire department busting open a bin to find those kinds of toys. I am half laughing to say I did turn my dogs loose in an off leash dog park with a couple of silicon dildos just for fun. They destroyed them btw.


We have got one we often discuss disposing of. Damn seagulls round our way would rip the black sack open so that’s not an option. We talked about dumping it in a local public bin but still can’t bring ourselves to do it. Definitely not rocking up at the tip with it

You know when the obvious answer ”was take it to the recycling centre” I couldn’t think of why I didn’t think of it in the first place…

Then I ran the process in my head and yep this was why, I’d be too embarrassed :sweat_smile:.

Especially my local RC where they actually check items they don’t have batteries before throwing in the skip :smiling_face_with_tear:


They all get used every now and then!

Sure but doesn’t make me feel better :sweat_smile:

I’ll get over it and work up the courage (or send then wife instead)

Go in proud and unashamed

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We have two nearby. One split the bins and inspect. The other don’t give a F

Normally just hide them inside something before i put them in the bin

I’d love to know also. I think once before I put some in a bag and put it in a public bin.

The big problem here is you get 10c for a empty can or glass, so its really common for people to go through your bin on the foot path. Put it in someone else’s bin maybe?

We try to re-purpose working but redundant toys. We replaced our mains powered wand with a rechargeable item so we mounted the old wand in a wand cushion to make a mini Sybian.
A previous wand was modified to take a masturbation sleeve so it became mine rather than hers.
Anything we can’t reuse we wrap up well and put in the bin. Our refuse collectors never check anything.

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A wand cushion is a good idea!