What do you prefer men wear underneath?

Recently took a liking to wearing jockstraps as everyday underwear. The missus thinks they're nice, as they don't leave much from view. Makes me wonder, what do yous like to see your man wear, if anything? Lol.

Nothing underneath...if not trunk fit boxers also like ladies silky panties on a bloke.

I love my husband wearing a nice thong. We have a local lady make them for us, so they are a pattern that suits him perfectly. His ass in a thong is amazing.

When we are going out, I like him to wear none at all now. He likes me not wearing panties because it is easier for him to play with me, well him not wearing a thong out makes it easier for me to play with him, and so I rather like that.

Whatever he is most comfortable in.

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What do you prefer your man wears underneath?

Is a more inclusive title :)

Mine likes me to wear M&S soft touch trunks!

The only thing I don't like is if he's going commando. Other than that, I'd just like him to wear whatever he prefers. Any whole (no holes or lots of loose threads) and clean underwear will do!

When it comes to sexy time, he can certainly spice things up with a thong, string, lace, fishnet or wet look underwear - but I don't expect him to wear that on a daily basis.