What do you say?

So... me and the OH were talking about sexy books and we were agreeing that a woman saying "I want you to f... me!" was a male fantasy and not very believable. TBH it wouldn't work for me. I suspect we're very middle-class and some people do use the F word as part of talking dirty but to me it seems very brash and Aamerican But this got me wondering, what do you way to your OH (or what is said to you) to suggest that you want sex? For us it's usually "Are you in the mood?" or "Do you want something?" or we refer to it as nookie.

What do you say?


PS I'm not being prudish, I just don't know what the profanity filters are like on here!

I think that it completely depends on the situation or the mood that you're in. I personally don't think that there is anything wrong with getting to the point and being blunt about what you want from your OH in a sexual encounter.

Alot of people curse and use the F word liberally while they're having sex, but if it doesn't do it for you that's not at all a problem.

I read your thread earlier and couldn't for the life of me really think how we phrase things. However this evening my hubby turned to me and said 'do you want me to clean my willy before you kiss it' all i had to say was 'yes i don't like kissing dirty willies' and this got the ball rolling. I then realised this is how it always starts, in quite a silly manner really, quite playful, then once we get into it, if we are in a dirtier mood the naughty talk starts, not always though.

Our usual is 'have you showered properly today?'

Jiggy jiggy or the same are you going to run a bath for us both.

We usually say "Wanna have some fun?" or "Oi you! Bed NOW!" Seems to work for us!

No, I wasn't being down on it or suggesting that people shouldn't do it. More that when you're reading a book or watching a film, it jars a bit because it doesn't seem realistic.

And from what you've said it does seem to be a common thing! And yes, once you've got to know each other then you don't need words - often just a certain touch or stroke will do the job!

This is fascinating - any more ways out there?

Thank you!

Ummm it depends. Sometimes my hubby will just turn around and say " let's fuck" if he's really horny
Other times it will be " you fancy some jiggy jiggy?" Or " let's go get naked".

Depends on the mood we are in but it is usual him that verbally suggests it! I tend to just grab his willy or flash my boobs and that enough to make him know what i am thinking

"Split the whiskers"" plough the furrow"" clam cleaving""poke the pink""Fanny filling""pasty poking"