what do you think about?

hi all

this is something that i was wondering, what do you all think about when doing it alone? do you think of partners? i very rarely do, hardly ever and i was wondering if that was just me? you all seem a liberal lot so i thought why not ask.

sorry if this has been asked before but i was just wondering

My mind seems to flit between imagining my OH, and imagining some nameless, faceless stranger!

Also, in my mind I say naughty things to myself as I masturbate I like dirty talk, even if I'm saying it to myself! (Helps to have a good imagination I think, and little shame!!!)

i use my imagination could be different things everytime i play alone ,,could be a female i have met before or a new girl i,ve seen or a lad in the street ,,normally just different everytime,

i think of my oh with another women or me with heranother woman thesometimes some of her friends too it's a mind feck depends on my mood

mm i think of allsorts...my oh.......other men.......hot women......recent hot sex.......anything really that gets me going............

I have one fantasy that i like to roleplay in my head and no it doesn't involve the other OH or anyone that i actually know!

i think of my OH but then also other women - especially if they one of reasons i got in the mood to do it

Usually think of my man, plus a few others ive never met. and another women. or them all together l

LoveHoney - Hella Rouge wrote:

I don't usually think about anything. A minute or so with a vibe watching TV. Done. Haha :)

i'm the same! i rarely ever masturbate but i don't make it a big production, i just grab a vibe and leave the telly on!

VW x

Oh, anything and everything! My partner (sometimes I talk to him even if he's not there, if I get really into it), girls, boys, fantasies, or sometimes I just watch porn. All kinds of stuff!

LoveHoney - Hella Rouge wrote:

I don't usually think about anything. A minute or so with a vibe watching TV. Done. Haha :)

LMAO im a bit like that too. I can just watch porn or just lay/sit doing nothing and play and not really concentrate on anything and get off quickly. Sometimes i do think of me and my man in different scenerios though nomnom x

I sometimes don't think about anything really just how nice it feels, other times I think about random scenarios involving my OH and/or other women but ALWAYS when I cum I think about DD. I have never orgasmed without thinking about him, even when I've accidentally orgasmed through vibration of an engine etc. he always fills my mind in the moments before I cum. I think I've conditioned myself to be that way through thinking about him so much but he *is* super hot and I love it


I tend to think about other men, besides my husband. Including some i probably shouldn't be thinking about!

My husband does occasionally pop into my head, but when i have the real thing, i don't feel the need to pretend.

I tend to not think about anything other than how nice it feels most of the times and the other times I read a scene from a Black Lace book I have had since I was 18 which never fails.

Normally I think about sex with my OH, or my fantasies where It's always my OH but in different places and more often than not with people watching.

I do masturbate with porn on more often than not as if i'm shattered it helps with the visual!!


What a great thing to ask... I know there aren't the widest range of options possible, but I've put a poll up on the blog on this subject! Wonder what the results will show?

This thread remind me of a scene from When Harry Met Sally

Harry: Some faceless guy rips off all your clothes, and THAT'S the sex fantasy you've been having since you were twelve?

Sally: Well sometimes I vary it a little.

Harry: Which part?
Sally: What I'm wearing.

I think of my naughty experience in the past i think of being taken advantage of by 2 sexy ladies i think maybe i need a penis extension.

Loads of stuff, depends what mood i'm in.

Sometimes I just think about things me and my fella have done in the past, sometimes I put some porn on, or read some erotica and think about that....other times its me and Jensen Ackles (mmmm!) and various other celebs...A favourite is a hot night with Jennifer Love Hewitt! xx

More often than not it is my OH and something we have done or even I would like to do...