What do you think makes you a better lover? (opinion poll)

Greetings beautiful people.

I’ve read quite a bit here since joining. It’s refreshing to see such a supportive and confident bunch of like-minded individuals.

Opinions, they are like…you know, everyone has one.

I’ve been pondering this for a long while and thought I would poll all here who care to participate.

What do you think makes YOU a better lover?

I know everyone is different but is it more encounters with MANY different lovers?


More time with ONE lover

  • More encounters with MANY lovers
  • More quality time with ONE lover

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As a male I have what might be considered a small number of lovers due to having long term relationships early and later in life. I don’t feel that my limited number of partners makes me any less capable. I’m just curious on others thoughts here.

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Neither of your options, i think being considerate, imaginative and adventurous wether you’ve had one or many partners.


fair enough. I should have listed more options on the poll.


In our case it’s 47 years with the same woman. We both know each others likes and dislikes and exactly which buttons to push.


Of the options given I chose quality time with 1.

But its way more than that, its being really open and honest about what we like and don’t like and the reasons we feel that way.

The willingness to try new things and jump in without the fear of looking silly.

Accepting that I might just be a little bit sexy :wink:


I don’t regret my husband is my first and I hope he is my last. :slight_smile:
He said he wished he waited for me too, so I guess that’s his answer.


Been with my hubby a long time 24 years, there had been a good few before him, but even with him my confidence to ask what he wants, try new things and ask for what I want has only grown in the later years. We are much closer as a result.


I know I’ve already answered above but i’ve had a lot of sex, with a lot of people and I know that I’m a better lover with my partner than I ever was with anyone else.
There has been a marriage, a long term relationship, regular friends with benefits, the odd time f#ck buddies and periods of wanting nothing to do with men in between those.

I wasn’t constantly at it mind :rofl: but none of those compare with the sex I’m having now. Even from the first time, it was something different and it was because no conversation was off limits.
Communication is what makes you a better lover.


@JoCat well said, my friend! Thank you for your thoughtful and insightful comments and info, not just on this post but across this website. It is much appreciated. :sunglasses:

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You’re ruining my reputation of being a bit of a bitch :wink::rofl: but thank you, that means a lot :upside_down_face:


What other people like doesn’t necessarily translate to being good for your specific partner. It is quality time that counts, and being willing to take that time.


Personally, in both the case of myself and my husband, I think encounters with many people made us better lovers. Each lover has brought something to the table, whether it be a new act, an exact position that rings their bell (which will be slightly different for everybody because of bodies not all being the same), a different take on something, experience, emotion. All these (and others) experiences add up and can be used on the next lover.

And yes, communication with your current one is important (as always), but I do think the experience from multiple lovers adds a lot to the party.


Could not have said it better myself Kinky ! Each and every lover was a unique experience that expanded my knowledge . And on the other hand a long term with open communication will make you better in your current relationship . Remember people , practice , practice and practice ! An olympic athlete can not compete in their sport if they only participate four or five times a year !


Agree with that too @Oldman

I don’t know if there is a simple answer to this. I (Mrs) have had far more experience than Mr B. I had a lot of one night type of things when I was younger and during a previous relationship had a number of ‘friends’. I had good sex in the relationship but needed more so when he was working away I would visit my friends. These visits were just sex, arrive and do one of following, blow job, wank, tit wank, play with me, sometimes fuck, coffee and go. I thought at the time that I had it made.
Fast forward to my relationship with Mr B and I don’t want or need anything or anyone else. We talk about everything which I have never experienced before and have shared lots of firsts together which is all enhanced by the emotions we have for each other.
So for me, lots didn’t matter, it was fun but I would have given it all up for what I have now and Mr B feels exactly the same.
People have a choice which makes life so much fun