What do you think?

I have seen an amazing video where the man is sitting on a chair whilst his lady is lying on her back on the bed. He instructs her where to position her legs, run her hands, remove clothing, how fast, stop, don't cum etc.

This would be something I'd like to try and think my OH would be responsive to it if a little timid till warmed up. I want this as part of our anniversary weekend in the posh hotel. I mentioned in previous posts that I have the nice lingerie bought and room booked. Who has done this, was it cringy or hot, what instructions were you given or did you give?

I'm also thinking of having her 'meet me in the room' but when she gets there its just the lingerie on the bed with a wear me card. Cheesy or ok?

That sounds amazing!

I'm definitely bringing this up with my oh as an idea for us in the future. I like that it's a reversible role idea, too!!

Personally, the idea of receiving a message to meet my oh in a posh hotel room, then finding nothing but sexy lingerie and a "wear me" note is incredible!! It reminds me of a kinky Alice in wonderland scene. I would feel very special and lavished upon. Perfect.

Your lady is so very lucky!!! Enjoy :D

Definatly not cheesy, that sounds great !! I think i might have to use this idea myself

Sounds really hot !! - and not at all cheesy I really get off on my oh telling what to do and how to do it whilst he watches . . . .! I'm sure you'll both have great fun :)

👍 thumbs up from me, enjoy 

Insanely hot.

Imagine her anticipation as she undresses and puts on the underwear you have selected for her ....thinks about how you have taken the time to select the thing you think she'll look hottest in ......she'll know that you've been focused on her

It is an incredibly powerful mindset. Then to have to wait....to not know what is in store...... oh la la! Sounds like a plan to me :)

It's definitely a great idea and I'm sure you'll both have loads of fun with it :) I personally love being told what to do in the way that you described, and it's something that my partner and I have experimented with before - it's always really sexy.

Gotta try this too.
Imagine you left instruction for her to put a blind fold on too.
I would hope the anticipation would be amazing for her.
Just waiting for the sound of a key unlocking the door. That would play with her mind, not knowing if it were you!! Of course I would be but the "not knowing" might also add to the fun.
Just need to get the room booked now.
Thanks McGlovin.

After reading this post ive been thinking about this all day and making a plan in my head

Never tried it myself, but defiantly want to - sounds like a lot of fun!