What have you done that made you feel ashamed/regretted after?

I once masturbated with my legs and arse raised up so that when I shot my load I gave myself a facial. Afterwards I couldn't understand why it was ever a good idea and felt really stupid. What have you guys done?

I don't think I really regret anything. I don't think you should be worried about that either!!

I broke up with the ex, went on the pill and the first person to get the benefit was... the ex. On a crappy one day of passion that made me feel really rather shite. Wish I'd have saved it. Cos I'm twee like that.

Don't think I've ever regretted it as such, that just felt wrong. He made me feel like I owed it to him and it was only outside the heat of the moment that I reaslised I really didn't :(

I would say that the only thing I ever did I can say I regret was cheat on a certain ex-bf of mine, we are still friends despite his tears when I finished things with him, and it bothers me that I went back to the ex before him for sex quite a bit. If only I hadn't been 16 and stoooopid I would have known to avoid the previous ex. I am a monogomous person and am pretty ashamed for my behaviour then.

Otherwise, I regret nothing, it's all a learning progress - definately don't think you should regret sexual exploration!

@ Naughtyboy - priceless!! LOL Mind you I have done the same thing myself and as you say, it rapidly ceases to become such a good idea.

Regrets: being a schoolboy friend of someone who, when he invited me round his house for tea proceeded to wank his dog off in front of me!! Yeeuckkk! True, honestly .... you know who you are Melvin. Also true!

NAughtyboy....i've done that too! Don't worry about it...thats not something to regret!

The only things i regret are all the pornos my parents have found hidden away in my room! Now that is a regret!

Erm Id go for the one night stand, bad idea in the morning but good at the time. Once slept with a guy who I didnt want to and it was the worst sex ever. No passion and I faked faked faked it all. shameful....

Sleeping with my Married Boss eight weeks after he got married! Seemed like a good idea at the time! Oh well we all learn from our mistakes!

Lol....New to the forum and quite a confession!

I think Pixie Chick is gna keep us all entertained! x

Thanks Strapon.. xx

No problem! Any chance of a pic of you pixie chick! Ur current pic i pretty random and interesting but I'd love to see 1 of u! x

Thats what I do on a weekend... LOL... Will try find one... but wasn't sure what to put! LOL... yours is very cool! x

Thankyou very much! I prefer the one of my boyfriend wearing my hot pink La Senza french knickers! His ass is truly amazing...in my opinion! x

I will take your word for it... I am sure it is very Hot! x

I've convinced myself....i'm putting it back up!

Defo a good move... Nice... x

Glad you like it! its an absolute peach! Now we just need to see ur ass in some gorgeous lingerie! x

There you go! LOL... x

Sleeping with the fiance of a friend. And then not remembering in the morning, and agonising for ages whether to tell her. I did, in the end, she deserved to know that we both screwed her over...

Very, very ashamed of that. Otherwise though, I don't think you should be ashamed of anything sexual, unless someone's getting hurt from it.

Le Freak... X

Pixie...very very hot! Love it! x