What is better the lelo siri or the lelo medium wand

What is better on the whole the lelo siri or the lelo medium wand

I have the Siri and while it does vibrate well, it doesn't really do anything for me. It also gets pretty darned slippery and I end up having to chase it like a bar of soap. While I love the velvety silicone part, the plastic part is just that - plasticky, and a bit of a turn off. I don't have the wand, but it looks like it's made of nice material, and probably easier to direct, being stick shaped.

I don't have the wand, so I can't comment on that sorry.


I have both, but I am staying overnight with family, so cannot compare them on vibration strenght right now. But I would say they are roughly the same, but I can check for you tomorrow if you want.

I find the Siri easily to manipulate, especially under the cover in bed, the wand is not that easy to use under duvet and my bedroom is bit colder in winter, so prefer to play under duvet.

But the Siri can get slipery I guess. But I never had it happen, as i just use the tip. I also cannot say I find the plastic a turn off. So this is personal preference. The advantage of Siri over the wand is definitely the fact you can use it with your partner, while having sex. Something which the wand is not really suitable for.

The wand does have some features going for it. I would say that the vibrations are bit more deep and rumbly, so if this is what you like, it may be better. Also it has mode in which it reacts to the strenght applied to it to change the vibrations. I think some people would find this great, I prefer to use the plus and minus buttons.