What is normal for "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment?"


I made an order on the 9th and it was dispatched on the 9th, supposedly leaving Heathrow bound for the states on the 11th. Assuming it got over here in about a day, it should have been sitting in a warehouse that night. I could understand it sitting there for a couple days, friday and saturday. And then I can understand not working on sunday or president's day. But you'd think it'd make its way through customs and whatnot on tuesday or early today.

The thing that gets me is that I made another order on the 14th, dispatched on the 15th and that has already made its way through the sorting facility. I don't need the packages by any certain time so I'm not that invested in it. After all, the expected deliver date was only just one day ago, Tuesday.

I'm just wondering if the post office is being extremely hot and cold about which packages they want to track or if I should be expecting that something happened with the package.


In my experience the expected delivery dates are automated and often don't take into account Saturdays not being a proper working day, if you ordered from the UK site it definitely won't have taken President's Day into account either. So you should probably add two days to your expected delivery date :)

Hi There 

I have taken a look at your order and all seems well . It is preparing for shipment after local customs clearence. This can cause some occasional but minimal delays. I am sorry about that. 

The next scan point will show a lot more information for you. 

If you do have any concerns our 24/7 customer care team are able to help you can livechat , email or give them a call , we have a US number 1-866-647-9194:) 


Thank you