What is she wearing??

Just wondering, on the home page, the couple in the vibrators section/picture. What piece of lingerie is the lady wearing? (Looks like black satin with blue ribbon trim) I've searched for it but can't seem to find it anywhere on the site.

Can any one help?

Crazy horse I own that piece.... Infact I wore it last night. Let me search my reviews to see what it is x

It's been discontinued. It was
iCollection Satin and Lace Open Back Babydoll with Removable Garters
But no longer available. Sorry x

Boo.......... ![](upload://rWunPW3zYHdA0ypr4dRQnAP8JTy.gif) ![](upload://ceipqBTR0sMGMajGRWRbxCi6nYV.gif)

Thanks for looking it up for me. I did have a feeling it would be a discontinued item.

I couldn't help but read this in a teenage people watching way of "What IS she wearing?" >.<