What is your biggest turn on??

I'm looking into finding out what new sex toys can really make my sex life explode?? Can anyone give me any tips and advise???

the biggest turn on for me ( I suspect for most men ) is a partener willing and enthusiastic to try the things you like no matter what they are

being spanked ooooooooooo i love it the anticipation of waiting for it and my partner stops just before so i relax and BAM he hits me ooooo i love it sooooo much so i suggest a kinky whip

one of my turn on is i love a good rub out and my hubby goin down on me. as for toys well thay are all good for what you need of them. how do you whant to explode.?? by cumming in the biggest way or by the fun of sex.

Agreed marriedjones..... should see me shoot !!!!

dressed in a leather open breast harness with a nice pair of boots with a leather whip in hand,with my partner tied to the bed & taking things from thier...

certainly is, not quite for beginners but well on the wat to complete fulfillment. Let me know. tallboy

marriedjones, will post more for you on this tomorrow !!!

marriedjones have you had a look a www.brutaldildos.com if you whant to stretch yourself... then this is for you... have fun i do.

^^at www.^^

Hi again marriedjones,Right before l start just to clear up l have always confused man in a barrel and fat man, l have both. Man in a barrel l now find a comfortable warm up act to Fat man, and for general play would use man in a barrel every time. Fat man is an altogether more formidable weapon and although it has a splendid round head to introduce into your ass, it has the width of body l wanted for the full-arse experience. Wow do vyou get it with this one. Once your ass opens wide enough to accomodate Fat man it is just a question of bearing down until it is inside you. It does stretch mightily, almost l think upto my capacity. I have a sneaking suspicion it may affect the blood supply to your cock, as sometimes l do suffer an unexpected wilt at precisely the wrong time!! Lots of lube is the answer with Fatman.....use your fingers to make sure your sphincter is fully prpared for its pending workout. I have in the past bought a mega `dildo- now oil it up at social gatherings and place it idol like on the table if you get my drift.
Any associated pain l am able to enjoy as once the two dildos are under way the outcome you know is inevitable, adds a frisson of delicious excitement and hardness to my cock, sometimesa nudges the prostate on the way through... and fire hydrant strength come often shoots across the room.
Heavyish items, make sure you have your shredded wheat before tripping down the post office to collect.
May be too late for Chrissy to order now.... but LH are great at getting it out quickly... sound like anyone you know???? so good luck, and do let me know how it goes.

There are some great ideas in here alot of things in regards to dildos

Hi Fearne, what kind of kick are you looking for? Sex swings are popular or are you thinking more in terms of BDSM?

Fearne, it all depends what you're into I suppose. For a couple that are happy to explore, anal play is a natural next step, for both parties if the guy is particularly open about these kinds of things. Unfortunately lots of men don't like the idea of anal play (as in you doing stuff to them) because they're frightened of gay tendencies etc... However more open minded men realise there's lots of pleasure to be derived from it! And the same for you. I've had some of my most pleasurable sexual encounters with anal play.

Then of course there's spanking, blindfolding, handcuffing etc, doing it in odd places etc etc. Just surf the web, read dirty books and stories, you'll soon be overflowing with ideas and desperate to get your hands on your bloke!

Can't beat a good handcuffing- the power when you're in charge, or the anticipation of whats going to be done to you... *Sex coma* Just make sure they're padded, or that you can wear long sleeves to work for the next few days!

Got to love biting and hair pulling too. Has me cumming in seconds.