What is your favourite lube for toys/sex/play?

Lube... love it or hate it?

I have always loved ID lube... the taste, the scent, how it is waterbased and great with all toys and during sex, etc.

However, I have recently purchased H2O lube... I have not tried it yet but am very curious!

What is everyones thoughts on these makes and what is your favourite lube make?


the Lovehoney flavoured lubes or Doc Johnson silicone lube

i have always just used KY as i usually get it in the supermarket, but have used durex too.

using a water based obviously severely limits the options, but i find KY is great for being cheap and simple and not having any irritants.

i HATE tingle lube with a passion but loved the durex thickness so i'm tempted to try a normal version, aquaglide gel is good too, nice a thick but still water based.

Liquid silk. Only one that doesn't make my bits feel like they're on fire!

I always use the Sliquid range of lubes, especially Sassy & H20, as I have really sensitive skin :) xx

liquid silk for me too,

We use liquid silk when requiring a water based lube, but my fave lube is actually the ID silicone lube.

The System JO H2O Strawberry Kiss is my favourite for oral.
For foreplay, I'm a fan of tingle lube.
And by that point, I don't need anything for penetration!

KY still the original and best. Great for anal sex as you know it is safe and hygenic.

I use silicone sex toys often, so I tend to go through a lot of water-based lube. I've used Liquid Silk, Sliquid, Lovehoney flavoured lubes but my favourite by far is the Lovehoney Discover Anal Lubricant. It's so lovely and thick that it doesn't run straight off the toys, it actually stays in place and doesn't dry too quickly either. It has virtually no smell to it but does have a horrible aftertaste, so of you want lube for oral use then I'd suggest one of the Sliquid Swirl lubes or the Lovehoney Passionfruit one. If you're looking for a good water-based lube that will really lubricate then I'd highly recommend the Discover anal one.

Lovehoney's Enjoy and Delight lubes for sex and Lovehoney's Release for masturbation.

i dont need lube. though i tryed it and the first one i had stang me so i threw it away!

Sliquid Silver is just amazing we love it's viscous slipperyness.