What is your ideal body type/shape?

I was just wondering men and women what's your ideal body shape, do you like the way your are? Do you like skinny, larger? Big boobs, small boobs etc, always feel conscious of my body despite others saying I shouldn't be.

My oh is preggers At the mo and im finding her additional curves awesomely sexy :D

Aw I've heard a lot of people saying this, I think it's so nice to hear!

Skinny with light abs

I go with the way I am cant think

I don't really have a type.

I myself am of the 'curvy' persuasion. Or in the gay community, i'd probably be referred to as a 'cub' (not quite old enough to be a bear). Of course i'd like to be slimmer, and as of tonight, I am starting a new fitness regime .. so fingers crossed.

I don't really have a type either. It sounds cheesy but I don't really care, as long as they're happy with their body. What is sexier than confidence?

Personally I'm on the curvy side. He seems to love it, and I certainly do. *shrug*

Curves! What i don`t like is skinny women and fake boobs! Any women reading this,yes most men like curves,so don`t knock yourselves if you`re not Kate Moss shaped!

WillC wrote:

Curves! What i don`t like is skinny women and fake boobs! Any women reading this,yes most men like curves,so don`t knock yourselves if you`re not Kate Moss shaped!

This isn't 100% true. As a woman who is always going from UK 0 to UK 16 very reppidly, the men I get involved with and women, love me for me.

Although even when I was a size 0 last time I was still hourglass shaped, but my waist was a natural 19 inches round without a corest. Now as a 16 my wait is similar to most size 10-12a, just my hips and boobs are the bulky bit.

But anyway, I love most sizes as long as people look after their bodies, and when I say that, even the basic attention can be the best way of caring for your own body.

What I don't like and don't find attractive is bodies of people who do not look after themselves, and no I don't mean they don't exercise or eat healthy, but I mean they really don't pay attention to what they have and how to make it noticed. I hope that makes sense?

I'm happy with my curves and breasts. Just need to make my stomach a bit flat.

I don't really have a type but I like guys to be bigger than me.
I would say im pretty happy with the way i am :) although bigger breasts wouldn't be to bad!
Im a size 8 on top and a 10-12 on the bottom, I have wide hips and big thighs (my thunder thighs as i call them).
My OH says he loves my body even the bits i don't really like so thats a real confidence booster :)

I can name some women who pretty much tick my perfection box. Generally I like women who are fit and strong. That said I seem to have almost stopped going by looks now.

i dont like size 0, i hate feeling bones, anything else is good for me

I am now very confident with the way my body is. I was TOO skinny as a teen due to being on medication for ADHD and didn't like showing my body off. Then at about the age of 19 I started putting on weight and ballooned up to 11st and being a wee 5" I looked huge. It was around that time I became sexually active at my 1st BF never saw me naked with the lights on.

I have now lost 3 and a bit stone and I love my body! At my biggest I did not have sex so I went 4 and a half years without it, then after losing the weight I became sexually active again a year ago.

My confidence has been building and my last partner was the 1st guy to make me feel attractive, but my current OH makes me feel so sexy and confident. I am happy to wander around naked in frount of him and tease him. To see him getting aroused just my touching my bum under my skinny jeans, and the nice things he says about my body really does give me a boost.

Even being able to pick up a size 10 skinny jeans and know I can fit into them gives me a real boost.

The only negitives I have about my body is I need to tone up a little and the fact my boobs shrunk when I lost weight. I was always a 34 round the back even at my biggest but going from a DD/E to a B I am a little sad with, but my OH is a bum man anyway. I just miss nice clevage, and being able to fill a top better.

I'm a size 14 and hold pretty much all my extra weight in my tummy, if I could just get rid of that I'd be pretty happy with my body! My like petite girls with soft curves and a tall guys with muscular arms and since my current BF I'm all about the hairy chests!

Id love to have my 6 pack back again! gone are the days when I was 21 ...

Also since developing a mild eye infection, my left eye lid constantly droops and I look lie im always drunk/hungover. Would love the eye lid to go back to normal!

I've never been confident at all about my figure. I am genuinely overweight. My boobs are big, but saggy.

I love curves, my OH is a curvy hour glass figure with great sized boobs, she's more like a hour and half glass figure! She has a mummy tummy and I love it, goes with her figure. I'm lucky she is the shape I love!

I would prefer to be slimmer.

I'm attracted to men/women on the larger side, although confidence outweighs any body type.

I don't particularly care for size, anyone can be beautiful regardless of their size. My girlfriend is a size 16 with B cup breasts and I find that perfect. I personally prefer smaller boobs, B cup being my favourite.

I'm not happy with my own body at all however, I've been obese since I was about 6 years old and I've never been able to stick to a weight loss plan due to depression getting in the way. I'm trying but I need to try harder. It's just easier said than done.