What is your most memorable sexual experience? (that you liked of course!)

Hey you sexy lot! So, what is your most memorable sexual experience then?

When I was 17. I was at a house party where the parents were away on hol. There were teenagers everywhere, it was crazy like something from a movie. So,I ended up with my girlfriend upstairs fully naked on a bed having really hot sex. There were about 4 couples in the same room, all our age. I had pulled my girl down to the end of the bed so her arse was hanging off and had hold of her ankles up in the air while I was stood on the floor. I was really fucking her hard how she liked it and licking her ass and pussy, I was watching the others which turned me on big time. Suddenly this girl came over and started licking my shaft and the OH's pussy whist we were bang at it. Then she started kissing my OH and sucking her nipples at which point I couldn't hold out any longer! Still sticks in my head to this day and. . .I occasionally see the other girl as she works in a local supermarket!


Oh and it's never happened since unfortunately!