What is your "normal"

I assume a lot of us have our kink but it has become nomral; that assumption lead me to think that our normal "events or sessions" might vary widely.

So what is your normal?

Ours is a long session of foreplay; oral, some form of manual (or toy) stimulation, and at least a bit of anal play for her; a cock ring and very forceful sex. either pinned down with legs in the air or bent over an object (pillow or bed side). Hair pulling and some spanking is normal.

Some neck biting.
Some manual work
Then 'scissor'




Whatever sex position we feel

The final position is normally something that allows for hard and rough but there will be several positions between kissing and final. So mood normally directs our route but not the destiniation; on occasion it does though.

Mrs cowboy is a very lucky girl... I love it hard and rough but my oh likes it slow and sensual and a tad scared of hurting me ..

My normal is kissing , stroking , mutual oral, usually me on top or missionary.

All depends, usually starts with kissing stroking, manual play, oral (with at least one orgasm for MrsB), then on to whatever position takes our fancy, if it's from behind then there's usually some anal play, tend to finiah in missionary as she likes a good pounding.