What materials are safe to store together?

I've heard horror stories about the materials of different toys reacting with each other or people leaving silicone toys together and then discovering a melted mess! What if I wanted to store just ordinary plastic ones together, would they react? Surely glass toys are the exception?

Would organza bags be sufficient enough to keep them separate or could a reaction still happen through the material?

Glass won't react with anything, metal toys won't and plastics won't react with those either.

It seems to be the silicone/jelly/rubber toys that cause problems. Just keep them all seperate

I use trainer socks to keep those of mine that didn't come with a bag in, cheap as chips and does the job perfectly well :)

Glass, metal, wood and hard plastic are all fine together. I'd be carefull of hard materials being in contact because they can scratch or chip if knocked. I'd be wary of hard plastic toys with "velvet" PU coating aswell.

Anything vaguely squidgy, keep seperate by a good layer of cloth.