What’s Your Average?

Obviously everyone will be entirely unique and will vary greatly in their average sex sessions however just wondering what is your average experience?

We’re mid 30s straight couple. Our average sex is 3 to 4 times a month. Contraception is condoms.

Average sex includes foreplay of; kissing playing with her nipples and massaging her clit until she has an orgasm which is normally 10 to 15 minutes. I normally then insert missionary or flip her over doggy and finish off within a few minutes.

To me this is kind of vanilla and I have super high sex drive and the wife is pretty low sex drive.

We have however in the last year got into BDSM which we get into when we have a day to ourself. These sessions are opposite of vanilla and involve restraints, dildos, ceiling suspenders, lots of oral in foreplay and more. She will normally orgasm 3-4 times and myself 2-3 with me lasting much longer as time goes on.

She is not into anal and is off topic which is a shame as I like it. My favourite is 69 which happens occasionally.

So what’s you average? Are you happy with it? What would you add or change?

I’m reasonably satisfied as we work long shifts, don’t have much time together and have young kids.

However would like it to be so much more as the only thing I wouldn’t try is pee and poo play and the wife is more reserved lol.

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I don’t do average, it’s not in my nature. :grin:

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I don’t do average either, we could go up to 10 times a week. Lots of foreplay, lots of bondage, plenty of lube, dressing up, and role play, the sex is just amazing, and every position going :grin::+1::ok_hand:


3 to 4 times a week without fail (in our late 60’s).

My OH and I went through a very dry spell but we’ve got through that now and are starting to enjoy each other again. We can’t keep our hands off it’s great :grin::grin::heart_eyes:

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It does change a lot, some weeks not at all and I’ll sort my self out once or twice. Other weeks it would be everyday. All depends on work, stress and how we are feeling.
Just talk to her about your needs and how best they can be met. Or try and reduce her stress and it might just work out for you anyways.

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It is meant to be good for her to have sex during this time. Helps loosen things up Nd reduces the cramping.

Both pretty highly sexed and as a result most days either alone, together or with others. Depending on how much time we have will depend on the type of sex.

We’re not that regular. Normally twice a week or so, sometimes a bit more or a bit less. I don’t think either of us has a tremendously high sex drive but I’m of the view that less is more for me. Bit like Christmas Day…

Normally either pretty vanilla or light / moderate BDSM based. Would like to push the boundaries a bit but I don’t think she’d be that keen albeit she enjoys what we do.

When we first got together it’ll be multiple times throughout the night. But I feel a lot closer to her now, and the sex is better!

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I don’t necessarily have an average like a-lot of people on here has said but if I had to then I would say the following;

I’m currently single and tend to have sex maybe once a week. Type of contraception is the pill. I have a super high sex drive!

Average sex includes lots of foreplay, and then sex in missionary, doggy, cowgirl, and sometimes experimenting with a few other positions. Recently been introducing more toys into the bedroom such as a magic wand which I do like to use on myself whilst being fucked in doggy.

Over the past year have gotten into more BDSM which I have been experimenting with, with different partners. Tend to go back for seconds with the kinkier ones.


Hi @sophie01 love the comments I use my wand doggy love it


@Sophie01 I have a couple of attachments for mine you


Being single my average so far this year is 0 lol

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All I can say is it depends on so many things. Trying to maintain an average can lead to lots of stress and unrealistic expectations on my part. We go with the flow and try to plan special occasions every couple of weeks where we take lots more time and do new things.

Average have changed over time. Right now, early 40s, it very much depends on her cycle …

1st 2 weeks are great, she can’t get enough, we’ll have sex almost daily with the odd day off if our sex life has kept us too late the preceding days (our kids…)

During the 3rd week, her sex drive dips… not that interested, though might still give it a go.
At some point, there will be a couple of days that I somehow seem to survive every month, god knows how. Defo no sex then, I’m just lucky to not be thrown out.

Once the PMS settles, we might have sex again for one or 2 day before the painters move in.

The painters seem to take most of the the 4th week. And the cycle repeats…

It’s really striking in some ways how hormones can almost dictate her life.
I can be told off for some things during the 3rd week, like objectifying her, whereas from mid period through to the beginning of the 3rd week, she almost encourages it.
It must be difficult as a woman to deal with these ups and downs, as I’m not sure she always realise where she’s at (she does, but not all of the time for sure). Very interesting.

Just in case this gets misinterpreted, I wouldn’t change her in any way. <3


No average. No consistency. It is what it is for us.


I was curious If people had a usual preference of what sex is to them as much as the frequency. We also have peaks and troffs however what I mentioned above is a rough average. I received our Njoy pure wand today and gave her an orgasm that she’s never had before (full body convulsions). I also had a quick refractory period and went twice. Happy Wednesday :slight_smile:

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Not miniterpreted at all, you seem a very decent and understanding gent.

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I’d like to have sex at least once a day but my wife thinks 3-4 times a week is enough we occasionally have it more our best is 5 times in one day. Nothing special to be honest oral lube vibrator. LH position of the week if we like it we’ll come back and do it again along with a few others.

We are generally 1-2 times per week, almost all the time on the weekend mornings. Sometimes that will be oral/toys/PIV on at least one of those days and it may just be a BJ on the other.

Midweek sex is rare, x2 teenagers who rarely leave the house, we have different sleep schedules/needs (she is always in bed before me as needs more sleep than I do) but it can happen. I generally don’t bother asking most of the time as I get the eye roll of doom.

We have occasionally planned a mutual day off work when we know the kids will be at school and gone at it the entire time (BDSM, toys etc) but that hasn’t happened in a while.