What’s your biggest fear?

Was doing a bit of tidying around the house, headphones in when I saw THE BIGGEST SPIDER start to crawl up my leg :scream_cat:

I screamed and ran away and finally saw it crawl out of the door (what a survivor I am)

It got me to wondering what is everyone else’s biggest fear?

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Growing old alone ! not even a spider for company !

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I hate spiders! And everything like spiders

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Dolls… don’t like the baby dolls that sit on their own. This probably is tied to clowns somehow, but the abhorrence is different. I think I hate dolls more than clowns…

I also really hate watching children run on pathways where they could skin their faces - roads, parking lots, etc. Toddlers are the worst as they tend to bounce their face off the ground. I get a sympathy pain in my balls and have to look away. It’s not a phobia or a fear - they aren’t even my kids! I just hate it…

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Small sheep with horns :laughing: as a family we walked through a field with the world’s smallest sheep and it looked like they wanted to run us down!

There was quite a few of them very small twisted horns perfect for taking out knee caps.

The field / sheep owner apologised that we were chased and got a bit frightened.

They said they’re really friendly and probably thought we were playing.

In hindsight that could be true but best to play on the safe side! :laughing:

Spiders :spider::spider:

Butterflies and moths.

Spiders even the small ones. Hate the fuckers

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Spiders and the dentist. Im petrified of both :pleading_face::spider::tooth:

Apart from spiders.

A life without my hubby. I couldn’t bare the thought of not being with him.

Moths I get but butterflies!? They’re so pretty :heart_eyes:

Im good with spiders (any creatures really) I pick them up and take them outside.

I watch far too much true crime and freak out (internally)if my Husband or Son dont answer the phone to me. I do attempt not to show it.

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Giant ships and submarines, not certain why but they creep me out and make me feel nauseous!

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Yeah make me feel claustrophobic :nauseated_face:

I’m the same, always message people wondering what’s wrong :joy:

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Definitely don’t like spiders. They are evil made flesh :scream:

They make me feel uncomfortable, too. Maybe it has something to do with thalassophobia (fear of large bodies of open water). Fills me with dread. What if something like a shark or submarine suddenly appear from the gloomy depths…

@Mint-Monster The sea scares me in general. I like dry land by the pool :joy:

Spiders, illness, the sea, getting old… :see_no_evil:

Absolutely anything with wings, I hate the flapping noise around my head. The dark also scares me, I’m ok if there’s another adult in the house with me at night, but being on my own I use a nightlight. There’s no way I’d go outside alone in the dark.

@Amunique Living on my own took a long time to get used to at night!

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