What’s your go to pubic hairstyle?


I can’t seem to find a more recent topic for this, and I was wondering what people’s usual pubic hairstyle is!

I used to shave my hair into the shape of a heart, which took absolutely ages for a rather ‘meh’ result, but now I completely shave everything down there!

So, what’s your go to? What do you prefer on a partner? All natural, completely bare, a trim or anything else? :razor: :shower:

I think ladies look lovely with a great trim / landing strip. Males very trim or shaved.

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OH landing strip, self natural but trimmed.

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Both are like the day we were born
Fuzz free and silky smooth

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Brazilian, usually salon waxed rather than shaved, but trying out a home IPL (it’s a bit ouchy)


It’s always a Martini bush for me :biting_lip:

Waxed and trimmed to perfection :ok_hand:t2:


strange how this topic has come up as only last night we both trimmed each other oh made my bush into a landing strip whilst I shaved his right off


Hollywood - just get it aaaaalll off :smirk:


Both hair free, me shaven, OH waxed.

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lol thanks so not done automatically

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Hi cant see preferences account

Have you clicked on this link?

Thanks Ian i think i have sorted it

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I go for all natural on my pubic bone but trim the rest.

When I get to choose, my partner is completely smooth and hairless except for the hair on their head, their eyebrows and beard (if they have a beard). I absolutely love the contrast!


I try and remove as much as possible. Have experimented with a strip but I think it suits the missus better


Normally completely waxed off with a full Hollywood but I’ve been known to have a Brazilian too.