What’s Your Weekend Plans?

As it’s Friday, thought it relevant to ask everyone what they have planned for the weekend?

Just a quiet one for me, watching the money anyway (as I already posted about) but on Saturday morning my Daughter (27)wants me to go to the gym with her. She’s just joined my gym but wants me to go with her for the first visit to show her where everything is etc etc.

I did explain they have staff for that but she’s insisting I do it.

Apart from that we get my eldest son (24) and his Fiancé who visit every Saturday night. That’s about it.

What’s your plans, anything exciting or unusual?


Saturday my sister is taking our youngest son to a tot’s fest with her little one and our oldest too.
So it’s just our middle son at home with us. He wanted to go on the trains but a bit tricky with the rail strike, so now he wants to go down to the coast :joy: my favourite place to be.

Sunday, not got much planned for that day yet.


Our weekend started early early this week.
We were supposed to go for an Italian meal on Valentine’s Day but both got the dreaded COVID the day before and had to cancel.
For no particular reason, we just didn’t get round to rebooking it until last night.
Great meal, good wine and a few laughs then home for a bit of fun.
My wife’s git a bit of a fast jet fetish, truth is she loves anything with a big, powerful engine :wink: so we’re going to see the new Top Gun film this afternoon which I know will get her horny.
She’s back in work tomorrow on a long shift so that’s our weekend over.

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I’m off for the whole weekend which I’m so looking forward to. I’m hoping to get a 20 mile walk done on the Saturday so I can just chill on the Sunday, but if someone beats my miles on the Saturday I’ll be back out on the Sunday, not that I’m competitive or anything :joy:but Sunday’s the last day of the race/competition :purple_heart:

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Work :frowning:

Date tonight and shopping with my mum tomorrow​:blush:

Were breaking down the old shed in the garden and building the new one and jet washing the patio. I also need to deep clean the kitchen. Not sure if it will all get done but were going to give it our best try!!!

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Kitchen deep clean is today’s job. Really want/ need a relaxing fun weekend!

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Hmmm few drinks tonight, Saturday hmmmm no real plans but Sunday our Monthly flat walk of 7-8miles with all friends invited for exercise, catch up and banter to keep everyone fit and healthy in more ways than 1

I think that’s really sweet she wants her dad to show around the gym. Will be a nice daddy daughter time :slightly_smiling_face:

My weekend is all dependant on if I get my car back from the garage later today.

Lots of teasing and lots of sex​:drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:

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Yes we don’t get to spend that sort of time together much now what with both our work and life stuff.

Mrs Ghoul and I have a bet at how long she’ll take to ask me to help her with a deposit for a new flat. She’s been hinting but we’ve not took her on, she should know her Dad. You want something ask, don’t hint.

Mrs Ghoul said she’ll ask for it in the gym, I’ve bet she’ll ask after the gym. There’s a week of doing the dishes at stake here.

Weekend off, so whatever Sexterminatrix wants to do with (or to!) me, basically. :wink:

It was our sons 10th birthday recently. We are off to trampoline park with some of his friends today to celebrate

Haha!! After the gym I reckon too as you’ll be more subdued and open minded :joy:

We are going to a wedding Fair tomorrow.

:musical_note:Werkwerkwerkwerkwerk :musical_note:

Working unsociable hours sadly.

My OH is at Glasto, so until she gets back I’m just twiddling my thumbs really… I made it worse by ordering some LH stuff during a bout of frustration but I still don’t have anyone to play with :pleading_face:…I do it to myself, I know.

Rail strikes mean i dont get to work tonight & then sfa because my partner has covid, so we cant meet & our plans are away to f**k

We’ve planned to have a little bit of a photo snapping session tomorrow. :imp: :imp: :imp:

So I’m excited. We’re going to be using some ties and a butt plug.


I’m doing the dishes for a week.

Mum was right, she asked in the gym while I was showing her how to use the cross trainer.