What shall I get her

My wife has decided she wants a dildo, I have no idea what size to get her, she did say she wanted a black one I guess shes hinting at size, realisticly what sort of size dildo gets a woman going.

All women are different, if she wants a black one it would depend on if she wants a vibrating one or just a standard one.
I would personally recommend a black boomser. They feel excellent.

do you have a link to one of those

I do but its not on love honey. If you look at my prevoius posts you will see a contact email I dont want to post it again or ill get shouted at (lol)

Sent you an email ok, thankyou

Happycamper, I have not said i am running shops all i said was i was not going to put up any links to the items

ok guilty as charged i dont look what i have posted previously, but with reference to the original post above i did not advertise directly (and not on the site)i gave advise first

Lol. Does it matter you two?!

Dominator- is it here first one? Cos lovehoney do a few selection packs that are good for beginners.
Or the rabbit is always a classic.

Not sure if any of the above are black though.

I've just realised I recommended a rabbit- thats a vibe. Ignore that recommendation lol.

have you tried this one its big but not too big and its black also has a suction cup always an added bonus! bit pricy at £54.99

theres this one at £16.99 its only 9inches but depends on what she likes

or this one is a 10inch again with suction cup! only £9.99

hope these help!

Eek those are big!

I'd start at 6 or 8 inches personally. I like this one http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=404 but it's not black so maybe this is better http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=2057

There does seem to be a lack of smaller black dildos. I think I'd run a mile at some of the huge ones, but then it's personal taste and she may want a huge one.

Have you sat down to discuss size and look at pics online?