What silly things have you done recently?

I just wanted to know what silly or daft things you have done recently as I have had a bit of a funny five minutes today with mine;

I am so gutted as I stupidly put a pair of jeans in the wash this afternoon ready to pack with my holiday clothes for Amsterdam later this week, and then realised I'd left a £5 note in the pocket which was my food money for tonight after my pole dance session. So I am gonna have to go hungry now. I guess maybe that kebab after my workout tonight just wasn't meant to be...?!

Any donations greatly appreciated.....lol



I did a very similar thing to you lol My son came in late one night and dropped off his rent money, I shoved it in my dressing gown pocket and propmtly forgot. Washed it the next morning and nearly died when all this money fluttered out and onto the grass when I hung it on the washing line. The worst thing was I couldn't remember where it had come from! Have you got time to wait till it finishes? or end the wash cycle? hope you don't go hungry!

Hi jass that must've been shocking.lol.yes I'll try and see if I can make it to my session in time after waiting for the machine to finish.lol.


Not quite as funny as these but it was it retrospect a stupid idea to stay out until 4am in the morning drinking with 2 under 4 yr olds in my house.

Oh my head...

oh dear.lol.


Today, I was working from home and had my work phone set to wake me up at 8am. So up I got and started work. It occurred to me at around 2pm that the phone hadn't rang all day... and THEN I realised it wasn't beside me.

I found it eventually wrapped up in the duvet, with many, many missed calls; most of them from my boss. OOPS.

I have spent the past 2 days saying the "Spin Cycle" on my washer had broken ....

Only when I looked closely whilst putting another load on today , did I notice that infact someone had somehow caught the "Spin Speed" switch and turned it to "No spin" ....

I am so glad I didn't call the engineer out haha .


im off work this week and i switched off phone alarm and decided it be good idea to stay up til silly oclock so imagine my blurry eyed panic when said alarm rang at 4.50am this morning

my smart phones plotting against me lol

Reheated the veggie chilli in the fridge, without asking how long it had been there... OH and I now both have food poisoning... Least sexy thing ever.

SS xx

Ooh no SS, that's not good :-/ Hope you get well soon

Today I walked into a table.
I cursed it, moved away and then managed to somehow walk into it again.

Had an appointment for blood tests so had to starve for 12 hours until Mon 12pm. Black tea or coffee and water only. Turned up at GP's and my blinking appointment was for Tues,so had to re-do the starve bit again on Mon night and being on night shift that did not go down very well with my stomach. At least over the Sunday night i slept through most of my starve time.

To top it all went to bed at 6 in the morning and the OH was asleep on my side of the bed, so as not to disturb her i sneaked in her side behind her. Just as i got in she turned around,so i tried ,to move away so that she would not wake up, I fell off the end of the bloody bed with a crash and woke her up,today i am not the flavour of the month. Pleased i'm on the night shift again tonight there would be no snuggles for that i'm certain. don't think i'll bother with a lottery ticket this week....

Don't know how I managed it but burnt my forehead with my straighteners on Monday. Ouch! Saw a mark on my forehead earlier, tried to wash it off and it wouldn't budge, scratched the mark off with my nails only for it to start bleeding! Was then I remembered I had burnt my head and it was the scab I had scratched off. It's sore all over again.

I went to the gym yesterday - during a flare up. Bad move. I then went shopping today - another bad move. And I paid for it by sleeping at 4pm until I was in too much pain in my bed to stay asleep.

However - doing all these things that are bad for me are making me feel more positive that I can actually do them even if I pay the price afterwards so it's good really :D

But it's silly that I see putting myself into bed with pain is a good thing :P


ToyingAround wrote:

I followed a totally cute guy around the supermarket, in hope he may notice me, then walked into a shelf, and had beans fall on the floor with a loud bang, not to mention one hitting me on the foot. The cute guy noticed me alright...with a look on his face saying "Idiot"...I quickly bought my shopping and ran to my car to hide my red face lol

I did this about a week ago but walked into the trolley with all his stuff on. Ended up with a blue eye for a few days. Although I did get his number so not all bad !

I was eating an orange yesterday, and squirted it in my eye!

Cue hysterical laughter from the people around me.

jass wrote:

Ooh no SS, that's not good :-/ Hope you get well soon

Thanks Jass - we both had it. Real test of love in a little flat with just one bathroom! On the mend now, thanks.

SS xx

My scalpel slipped and nearly went into my groin but luckily it went into my thigh.

SnL wrote:

My scalpel slipped and nearly went into my groin but luckily it went into my thigh.

*takes away SnL's scalpel and gives her the blunt kiddy scissors instead*

Didn't mummy tell you not to play with sharp things? ;^)

:( These kiddy scissors are not good for male operations <snip snip>