What size boobs and do you prefer big or small boobs

Don’t really bother that much but if I had to choose either way I love the smaller boobs. Easier to get them in your mouth, easier coverage area for cum as well.

Jocat sometimes is the mom of the forum. You’ll get used to her as she gets used to us…lol

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Haha I’m only 6.5inches but I’m 8.5 inches when I wear a sleeve hence the profile name. I wish I was that size.

@wildflower . :joy: im sure there would be no shortage of volunteers to provide a supportive hand…or two.

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Very impressive!:ok_hand:

Big at a measured DD cup size, honest. 44DD bra! Big an busty is the sexiest womanly figure by far but then small or flat on a woman can be very alluring, or is that just me?:blush:

My lady is DD and I love em… She doesnt get any erotic feelings from them though so they are merely my fun bags to play with… Maybe I should cum on them and rub it in… Protein might kick start them :thinking: :thinking:

It’s surely a 'size isn’t everything ’ scenario. I’m attracted to small boobs, but don’t really worry about it :wink:

The OH’s they fit perfectly in my hands and my penis fits perfectly between them.

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