What size?

I've been looking at the menswear section on the site but ran into a bit of a dead end. The filter on the left for sizing has a gap between 34in waist and 40in waist. When I look at the products most of them have a 32-34 bracket and a 36-38 bracket

I'm currently a 36 but heading towards a 34 and at current rate of progress I'll be there in about 8-10 weeks. Should I select the 32-34, the 36-38, should I wait until I am a 34, should I give up and eat cake?

Get the 34 dont eat cake and you will get in them in less than 10 weeks as other wise it will be a waste of money x

If you can set a goal and stick to it then get the 34. It gives you motivation that you will get into the :) good luck x

Thank you for the replies ladies, that pretty much confirms what I was thinking. I'll give it a couple more weeks then get the 34". A few more sit ups required.

good luck with the wieght loss i'm sure the product will look great on you once youve got it.

I think it depends on the style and fabric too. If it's a loose fitting garment you can afford to go for either of the sizes depending on your desired look.

As for the tighter ones, you might want the bigger sizing for a less restricting feel.

Remember you always have Lovehoney's brilliant returns and exchanges policy if it doesn't fit quite right. Also, with some people, they can lose more weight but still have a stockier build etc.

You may want to look out for the other reviews on sizing too. Hope that helps.