What to see and do in your country?

Great to see some international members joining up and participating. Should I travel a bit, what should I see, do, and taste in your country? Obviously the message board is dominated by Brits but now we have Aussies, Canadians, Americans, and even a Norwegian involved. No knock on the Brits but there has to be more to do than Buckingham. I know in the southern US I have to go for the sea food and hush puppies. In Canada it’s the poutine from a street truck. Way disappointed in the fish and chips in Spain. Frozen McCains to satisfy the Brit tourists I think. @TheOneAndOnlyViking if I visit your country what do you recommend I see, do, and taste? There are some absolutely gorgeous photos on the Internet from where you live. Would love to see a kangaroo, kalua, or platypus in real life but that is half way around the world for me. A lay over in Figi wouldn’t be bad though. Brits have the advantage of being 3 hours away from a different climate and culture. It’s a big haul for me to change things up.


New Zealander here.

If you pick the right place, fish n chips is one of the things we do REALLY well :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The best part of the country is the diversity in terms of scenery/landscapes. Beautiful lakes, beaches everywhere, mountains, plains … and everything is just bloody gorgeous!

Plus we’re so far away from other countries that we love tourists - so you’ll meet friendly people everywhere!


Frozen McCains would not satisfy a Brit. Chips fried in beef dripping would. Oven chips are not real chips. :roll_eyes:


Totally agree. I was hugely disappointed going on tour in Spain with a Brit tour guide to be honest. The local Paella was better.

Ah… New Zealand. Definitely a country I would like to visit one day but also a very long haul for me.

Iceland is about a 4 hour flight and would be interesting to see as well.

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Yes lots to see in Australia, either the Flora, Fauna or all the amazing scenery, from the Great Barrier reef to the remoteness of our deserts. Only issue is the distance between them all, its roughly 15,000 kms to drive around (thats about the same distance as between Australia and the USA) and that would take 14 days to drive, many people do it as “the big lap” holiday and plan on a year.

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Following up @Lucas04 comments which I totally endorse, but more specifically Wellington has the film connection so if you are into Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit then we have the film studio tours and visitors center.

There’s the ecosanctuary called ‘Zealandia’ the world’s first fully-fenced predator free urban ecosanctuary and is home to some of New Zealand’s most rare and extraordinary wildlife.

Wellington is also the gateway to the South Island with the ferry trip through the Marlborough sounds a spectacular trip on a nice day.

Come and enjoy :upside_down_face:



It’s beautiful and there is SO much to see. From the main cities to the islands, I don’t see myself living anywhere else. Once a year, I will take myself on a few days trip to a place I’ve never been before and I still haven’t seen loads of places.


Scotland is amazing, I feel very at home there.

Ireland, north and south has so much to do. I’m heading out in 10 mins for a hike in the Mournes, just impatiently waiting for enough time to pass so that I don’t just sit in traffic. The Mournes are fantastic mountains.


Ain’t no country do fish and chips better than the British! :crazy_face: also we are well versed in the afternoon tea and cakes :smile:


There is beauty everywhere if you look for it…old bridges…buildings…streams…rivers…the open spaces…the busy cities. The run down places & the high class places.

Everywhere has stories to tell and places of interest. Not everyone is the same and enjoys the same interests so it’s whatever floats your boat.

The U.K also has beautiful beaches and quaint seaside villages which are stunning and so picturesque. I couldn’t just pick out a few places or sights as everyone has their thing.


I am finding this discussion really interesting so thanks for sharing about your country. Lots of places mentioned I had no clue about but have been busy dropping them into Google and Wikipedia to have a look see. Will have a go at Canada shortly.

In the uk we have rain

That’s about exciting as it gets

LOL… I can say the same about St. John’s, Newfoundland except you can see whales, icebergs, and puffins while getting wet.

Ok… 14 days to go in a big circle in Australia. 17 days to go from Atlantic to Pacific in Canada in a straight line. Extra 4 days with a side trip to Yukon. One can not do circumference in Canada due to the Northern climate and lack of roads up north. One would need a Paris Drakar rally car and chaser to make it work.

What is it like having Christmas on the beach? I just can’t get my head around that one. I have a brother inlaw in Perth and I hear the stories but they don’t always sink in.

That is always what I assumed so why does Costa del Sol use frozen fish & chips? Are they just trying to cater to the UK tourists? Made me want a day layover at Heathrow, jump in a black cab, and say take me to fish & chips.

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Probably cost and convenience, the businesses in Costa Del Sol are catering to drunk Brits who just want feeding! A proper Fish and Chip shop will deep fry the approriate type of potato. To get the best results, they need to be deep fried in beef dripping (fat) not vegetable oil.
Google “Orange chips” a local delicacy, they are divine!

Imagine a long buffet barbecue with seafood, turkey, ham, and a full array of salads, snacks and much drinking… then followed by a fair bit of backyard cricket, swimming in the pool or beach and a long arvo nap…. And then each day just blends into the next… by the end of the week, the cricket has wrapped up because johnny bairstow can’t stay in his crease.

Is Piccadilly Circus still a thing to see or over hyped by the marketing folks? A co-worker recently went to the UK for the first time and he showed me a bunch of photos of “London Bridge”. I was looking at them thinking well… that’s actually Tower Bridge. I didn’t ruin it for him. He’s happy with what he saw.

Maybe they get their fish and chips shipped in from uk and to try keep it fresh over the journey it gets frozen?!

I know many countries try to reproduce uk fish and chips but the taste is never the same as it’s down to the oils and way it’s cooked. There’s actually a place in Australia what get all their ingredients sent over from England and the locals can’t get enough of it lol