What toy would you say is a good starter for someone who is on the shy side of doing different things

What sort of toy would be good to start off with, its got to be something we could use on both of us

Nothing looking that looks intemdating

A duck! I rub my duckie rules!! The Paris edition is the best with the beak ring and the little fluffy boa. No one could possibly resist that! It can be used as a massager as well as a sex toy, and it delivers amazing vibrations. The duck gets my vote!

First of all can I commend you: Buying sex toys you can use together as a couple is a fantastic idea, me and my partner have been experimenting for a little while now and it makes you talk and get to know your partners likes and dislikes, it has been so liberating for us and I hope you and your partner find the same. Now, to business:

I'm assuming from your profile were talking about a male and a female partner?

First of all you might want to try a clitoral stimulating toy, they're great because they're not phallic, they're small so they don't get in the way, not too expensive and you can use it on each other. Try using it on her clit and labia during oral sex (or 69 position) and she can use the clit vibrator on you, again if she's going down on you, my partner really enjoys the feeling of strong vibrations around the tip of his penis. Get a waterproof clitoral vibe so that you can share a sexy bath the first time you experiment with using this one each other...a perfect night in.

Now if you want penetration using an unintimidating toy thats a bit more complicated, if you don't want something bigger than your penis size you're going to need to measure your length (up and down!) and radius (round and round!) which in itself could be a fun thing to get up to together.
When you're picking a vibrator for penetration choose something which is fairly small and you can always work your way up to bigger toys later. As a general rule of thumb get slimmer vibrators or dildos (less than about 2inch diameter) to start off with. And make sure it's something you both like the look of, so that one of you doesnt turn the other off by producing an animal shaped vibrator or a giant rubber cock in the middle of a sexy session. (If thats what you're into of course then go for it!)

Cock rings are another option, if you want longer erections try a more basic model, if you want a bit more oomph then go for a vibrating cock ring. You can get ones with replacable batteries here which are great because you get far more use out of them for your money. You can even get combos like the ibuzz which you can use together, a cock ring for you, a clit stim for her, AND you can listen to your favourite music together if that might be a turn on. (romantic or thumping beats, you decide)

A little thing I've found out through using sex toys is that my partner likes anal stimulation...so you could explore that option together, but start off small, a little jelly butt plug or tiny anal vibe or something...

Another thing i'd recommend is that you get your girl a g-spot vibrator (try a small model first) she'll thank you for it. You can use it on her to give fantastic orgasms, or you can watch her use it. Both great ways of learning more about what makes her tick...

Once you've started make sure you have fun, and keep talking about what toys you like/dislike and of course what you've bought or are going to buy so no one gets a nasty shock! hope that all this helps! best of luck.

Thank you Gattina ive looked at those ducks before and allways wondered how good they were

Thank you Onafriskymission thats a very nice read and very helpfull,yes we are male/female there is one thing i know she will not want to try in a hurry and thats anything that you can use inside her

I think its embarrassment factor when it comes to toys,but in time i hope we can enjoy them together